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The best freeware for regular expressions 5 stars by iwillneverstop Aug 19, 2013 (Read all my 25 reviews)
Excellent in creating and testing regular expressions. Thanks for the fact that it is free although it requires free registration. Just hope for a color highlighting and more templates in its library. show Review details
The easiest of all the Regexers 5 stars by brothergabriel Jan 04, 2013 (Read all my 18 reviews)
This application has my recommendation! I have used all sorts of regex helpers and regex buddies, both online and offline, but this one is the easiest of all to use. One of the biggest problems with regex is that you can't remember all the tokens. Expresso has a built in tester, validator AND visual builder, the combination of which is rare to find in a single application. It also has a library of regexpressions, and you can save your sessions. It has a local help file! This regexer gets a score of "Very Good" for "Ease of Use" - because I think it is the easiest to use of all the regexers. You can visually see all the tokens and all the options. No regexer is really "easy" to use, but I couldn't imagine how to do it better than Expresso. Cons: it does not do regex for Perl, as it is designed for .net, but I use it to test and design regex strings for JavaScript all the time. Also, it does not have any syntax colouring. Also, note that you DO have to register the program, but as of the time of this review, the registration is free. show Review details
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