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Vivaldi Vivaldi

A fast browser incl. nice built-in functions 5 stars
To mention a few - Multiple themes: dark, blue, ... - Multiple search engines (Bing, Google, ...) at the address field, search field, the right-click menu - Installing Google Chrome extensions: uBlock Origin, High contrast, Click&Clear, Google Translate - Capturing pages, toggling images, ... Price: Free
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PDF Studio PDF Studio

Cross platform solution for pdf users 5 stars
I always like cross-platform apps. Almost no learning curve when switching between operating systems. This app provides me the ability to manipulate pdf files (add, edit, delete, ...) as well as the OCR functionality for multiple languages (including English and Japanese). Price: Free Trial ($99.00)
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Bitvise SSH Server Bitvise SSH Server

The free version is more than enough for home 5 stars
It includes everything that I need such as - Opening ports for local networks - Settings for Windows accounts - Settings for Virtual accounts - Terminal, file transfer, ... It is really great for providing such a free home version. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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Bitvise SSH Client Bitvise SSH Client

Cannot believe it is a freeware 5 stars
There are a lot of nice features such as: - Profile management - Terminal - Remote Desktop - SFTP. Moreover, it is updated quite often. Price: Free
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Lingoes Translator Lingoes Translator

Excellent dictionary software 5 stars
It does contain everything I need for a dictionary software such as lookup dictionaries, capture word on screen, full text translation. It additionally offers text-capture plugins for Adobe Reader, IE, Firefox, and Chrome, and speech-engine add-ons, e.g. Natural Voice Packages. Besides, there is a portable version which is valuable in my case. I highly recommend it. Price: Free
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True Launch Bar True Launch Bar

Great launcher with a lot of useful plugins 5 stars
I really like this software. It comes with a lot of useful plug-ins such as Clip Board Manager, Calendar, Timer, To-Do, Command Prompt, Launcher. The software and its plugins allow me to customize their functionalities (and their user interfaces) in my own way. I highly recommend it because of the increasing daily productivities. Price: Free Trial ($19.90)
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John`s Background Switcher John`s Background Switcher

Excellent 5 stars
I have an old machine with Windows XP. I'd like it to have some features of Windows 7 such as automatic desktop background changing and this program brings me more than what I need such as change the background by events or intervals, change the background then exists, only change the background if the computer is idle, ... For someone who would like to have many backgrounds from Windows 7's themes: just go to Microsoft Windows 7 themes website, download a theme, extract the theme to get the background images, use Johns Background Switcher with the extracted background images. Price: Free
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Expresso Expresso

The best freeware for regular expressions 5 stars
Excellent in creating and testing regular expressions. Thanks for the fact that it is free although it requires free registration. Just hope for a color highlighting and more templates in its library. Price: Free
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7-Zip 7-Zip

An excellent archive tool 5 stars
I don't know that this tool supports a lot of archive formats that are popular in other OSs than MS Windows such as DMG, XAR in Mac OS, Deb in Linux until I need to write an tutorial of how to extract content from a file (.dmg) which is actually in XAR format. From that, I see 7-zip as an excellent archive tool. I highly recommend it for cross-platform users. Price: Free
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HashTab HashTab

Hidden, but there when you need it 5 stars
I really like the way this tool integrated into Windows Explorer. Whenever I need, just open the Properties dialog, tab File Hashes and it shows all the info I need. It also supports Hash Comparison. For someone who may not know, this tool has MacOS X version as well. Price: Free
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Microsoft OneDrive Microsoft OneDrive

One more great product from MS 5 stars
MS SkyDrive (client), together with the SkyDrive cloud service, is great. Several great features are Automatic sync and resync, Remote file access. Some minor improvements could be "Automatic spliting into predefined-size files", "Filter by filename to sync", "Configuration for web access URL". MS SkyDrive is better for me when compared with other alternatives. Price: Free
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Skype Skype

A great messenger for voice and video calls 5 stars
I'm far from my home. I usually use Skype to talk with my parents. Skype has excellent voice and video quality. I can also share my desktop and windows to show my parents several things. If Skype supports remote control, that'd would be so great. Event without remote control, Skype is still the best messenger for me. I strongly recommend it for voice and video calls: "Just Skype your friends". Price: Free
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Classic Shell Classic Shell

Classic shell is an answer for Windows 8 5 stars
I know that Metro UI is great for touching but the way Microsoft forces me to use the Metro Start Screen is unfriendly. I was hoping that Microsoft would change their mind to bring back Start menu but now I don't need anymore. Classic Shell brings the things we're familiar with and up to now, I'm totally satisfied. Price: Free
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DisplayFusion DisplayFusion

A must-have tool for multi-monitors. 5 stars
This tool is powerful with all the necessary features you need such as a multi-monitor taskbar, snapping windows, useful shortcuts, multi-background images, screen-savers ... Also, it plays nice with Windows 8 and has a lifetime licensing model. Just give it a try and configure it to meet your needs, you'll see. Price: Free Trial ($25.00)
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Free Download Manager Free Download Manager

A long-wait version 5 stars
I've been waiting for this final version a very long time. I used this software since 2005 and from March, 2011, I moved to IDM because FDM version 3.0 didn't support latest versions of popular browsers such as IE9 or Firefox v4 but IDM has a problem of integrating with IE9. I'm glad that FDM v3.8 supports IE9 and FF up to version 9. Now I'm using it and am very happy with it. Price: Free
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Internet Download Manager Internet Download Manager

Not integrating well with IE9. 3 stars
I will give this software 5-star rating if it could integrate seamlessly with IE9. The integration with IE9 causes Tracking Protection List (TPL) to stop working. If you use an ad-block TPL to block ads, the integration will bring ads back to your IE9. If you disable the integration (or sometimes, you have to uninstall the integration by deleting the integration DLL file), TPL is working again. Price: Free Trial ($24.95)
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Microsoft Security Essentials Microsoft Security Essentials

Good job, Microsoft 5 stars
I started using Microsoft Security Essential mostly because of the ads in avast! free. Although the installation and the first update take a lot of time, the first scan runs fast and the system performance is not affected. Up to now, MSE is still good at protecting my stuffs from being infected by malware. Keep it up Microsoft. Price: Free
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Comodo Dragon Comodo Dragon

Let's try a very good browser 5 stars
I moved to using Comodo Dragon when my Google Chrome started to have some annoying problems. Comodo Dragon solved them all. With Comodo Dragon, you still have the same functionality but more secure (e.g, use a secure DNS), more options (e.g. change the installation folder, make a portable version). Price: Free
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Firefox Browser Firefox Browser

A competitive browser with excellent add-ons 5 stars
Maybe, Firefox itself isn't as good as Internet Explorer but with a huge set of excellent add-ons, Firefox becomes one of the leading internet browsers. Supporting Windows (including XP), Linux and Mac OS is one of the advantages of Firefox. You're looking for a browser that is flexible but still good, Firefox is your destination. Price: Free
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TeamViewer TeamViewer

Can't believe this program is free 5 stars
I started using this program 2 years ago. From that time, the program keeps getting better. The program is very easy to use, fast and dependable. If you're finding a tool to control remote computers, try this program, you'll be satisfied. Price: Free
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Avast Free Antivirus Avast Free Antivirus

A free antivirus better than commercial ones 5 stars
I've never had any problems with malware since the program added the new anti-spyware engine to its very good anti-virus engine. It's fast, clean and safety. With the latest version (v6), avast now has 8 real-time shields and 3 additional protection. This makes the program even better. This is a program you can rely on. Price: Free
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Internet Explorer 9  (Win7) Internet Explorer 9 (Win7)

My default web browser again 5 stars
There are many things I really in love with IE9 such as clean browser UI, Pinned sites, Jump lists, ... Now I can block ads by utilizing Tracking Protection (you can try by adding "Fanboy - Adblock Tracking Protection List" from IE add-ons site), can manage downloads with the built-in Download Manager, can use a web site as an application with Pinned sites (you need Windows 7 for this), ... Also, with Microsoft Bing Bar and Quero toolbar, I can do anything on the web very fast and conveniently. Price: Free
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Ad Muncher Ad Muncher

Ad muncher is here to stay 5 stars
Blocks ads in all browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, Flock, Netscape, Maxthon and Avant Browser including the latest verions (IE9, FF4, Google Chrome 10,...) Also, removes advertising in programs like Yahoo Messenger. Kills unwanted popups, Blocks rich media advertising like flash ads, video ads... Last but not least, it is in active development for a very long time (You may see that there are many other ads blockers but their latest versions were released at least one year ago; that's why they are not working with your browsers). Price: Free Trial ($25.00)
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Quero Toolbar Quero Toolbar

Excellent IE toolbar with IE9 64 bit support 5 stars
The best toolbar for IE I've ever known. With many cool features such as Ads Blocker (better than Ads Block Plus on Firefox) , Navigation bar replacement (looks like Google Chrome), Highlight search terms, Customize toolbar appearance (plus Aero Theme), ..., Quero Toolbar makes me happier with my IE9 64bit. Give it a try and spend sometime playing with its option, some IE tips and installation instructions, you will never be sorry. Price: Free
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Avant Browser Avant Browser

My favourite browser for more than 5 years 5 stars
Very low memory usage, very easy to customize (such disable JavaScript, ActiveX, ...), being able to block ads and pop-ups. I wonder why MS doesn`t do the same for us. Price: Free
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