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Not really free... 2 stars by BrianAdams Feb 25, 2017 (Read all my 7 reviews)
The app is only so-so and here's why. In my book, in-app purchases do not equal free it's freemium. Freemium for those of you that don't know means it's a cutdown version ( i.e. Shareware ) that you have to buy all the best parts that make it worth having. Free - No cost No Ads completely free program. Adware - no monetary cost except for the bandwidth you pay for some companies ads. Most times ruining the usefulness of the product. Freemium - You get the bare bones but be prepared to pay more for the program to actually be useful. Shareware - You get most of the features for a limited time so you can see if it's what you are looking to buy. Commercial - Full bought and paid for. I really wish websites would use labels correctly. It would make picking a program so much easier. show Review details
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