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Screamer Radio Screamer Radio

You can`t go wrong with this one 4 stars
This is one of those apps that does what I want it to do: great internet radio playing. It's easy to use, has tons of preset stations ranked by language, genre, network or region. Not all links work though. You can also save your favorite stations for easy selecting. It would be great if it was skinnable. The interface, although functional is a bit..uhm...boring. Congratulations and a big thanks to the developer for keeping it free. Price: Free
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IrfanView IrfanView

There are certain things.. 4 stars
There are certain things in life you take for granted. You can't do without and don't even realize how much you depend on. One of these things is IrfanView. I have been using this little gem for years, almost on a daily basis. It was the first freeware I ever downloaded. In the mean time it grew, many features were added and that I actually don't use. But it's one of those programs that will also be on my computer. Price: Free
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Opera Opera

What else do you need? 5 stars
I have been using Opera for many years now. What attracts me most is the speed and ease of use. On my computers it consistently outperformed IE based browsers as well as Firefox. Chrome is possibly faster but it looks too spartanic to me. I spend most of my computer time on the Internet so a browser should also have a pleasant feel and look to it. Particularly interesting is the Speed Dial mode which gives you easy access to up to 9 favorite websites every time you open a new tab. They are visible as little webpages on the new tab. Just click any of them and off you go. Needles to say that you can decide yourself which websites to include. Overall, you can't go wrong with this one. Price: Free
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It does what it should do 4 stars
I installed this program about a year ago because I travel a lot and people have access to my office. And thanks to this program I caught my ex nosing around my stuff twice. Ok, the interface looks a bit out of date. But otherwise it's easy to set up and use. Whenever I travel I put it on automatic startup and have it run hidden in the task tray. And it gives quite some adjustment options. For a free surveillance program it's great. Congratulations to the developer. Price: Free
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CCleaner CCleaner

Excellent 5 stars
I have been a user of this program for some time now. And it's getting better with every update. Better in terms of speed because it was already great in terms of cleaning up the junk from my hard drive. This is one of those programs that should be part of everybody's kit of maintenance tools. Price: Free
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Glary Utilities Free Glary Utilities Free

It's ok 4 stars
I use several free applications to maintain my PC. The nice thing about Glary Utilities is that it combines most of these tools in one program. That is quite handy. I have the impression though that the specialized (freeware) programs I use do a more thorough job. Examples are Regcleaner that still found 50 registry errors after I ran Glary and CCleaner that also still found things to clean. Still, I can recommend it as a good and fast program. Price: Free
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Comodo Internet Security Comodo Internet Security

A nuisance 3 stars
After seeing the Snapfiles rating and reading the comments I decided to install Comodo firewall. I had been using the Sygate firewall but thought I needed something more modern. Comodo installs easily and the interface is OK (although for many maybe a bit too cluttered). One has to authorize programs to connect to the internet, so far so good, but it somehow doesn't seem to remember that authorization. Even when I click the "remember" field. It keeps asking and asking, again and again. This became such a nuisance that I decided to uninstall this program. I'm sure it does a decent job but it probably needs some working over. So I'm back to good old Sygate (I know, politically not correct) which although not supported anymore does a great job. It withstood all firewall tests I had done on it. Price: Free
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Cpick Cpick

Easy to use 4 stars
I work often with colors in my files and use this little program a lot. It's fast and efficient. After picking a color from any object on the screen it can be stored on it's clipboard in several formats (hex, decimal, RGB, etc.) for later use. It can also store the color in Window's color picker but unfortunately it doesn't seem to integrate with MS Office. Meaning, for Powerpoint, Word and Excel I have to type in the RGB code that CPicker calculated. A suggestion to the developer: please build in MS Office integration, for example as an icon on the application's toolbar (and keep it freeware of course :-). Price: Free
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WinSock XP Fix WinSock XP Fix

It's my last resort 5 stars
I have used this application several times and in the mean time it's part of my top 5 software that I always have at hand. I don't know how it works or what exactly it does but whenever my connection goes corrupt or even when I notice it becoming slow and unreliable I run this program and I'm up and running again. A must have. Price: Free
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Hidden Menu Hidden Menu

A must have 5 stars
I have been using this applet for years and cannot imagine one day having to do without it (unless something similar comes build into Windows). The author doesn't seem to do any updates but as far as I'm concerned none are needed. A must have. Price: Free
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