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Microsoft Security Essentials Microsoft Security Essentials

Excellent free virus scan utility 5 stars
Microsoft is starting to take some initiative in protecting Windows users and providing a decent free application to do it. I am running Ubuntu and have Windows XP installed in a VirtualBox session. I did not want to pay for protection, and since I have a valid XP license, I was able to install this. For the little use I have it for in VirtualBox, it works out great. Price: Free
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Spybot  Search and Destroy (Free) Spybot Search and Destroy (Free)

Not as good as 1.4 3 stars
Slow... startup lags on 1.5.1 and there has been a promise of a fix for a while now. It works but lags my Core2Duo and AMD X2 systems on startup. I recommend it, but if you have 1.4, hold onto it for a while until the next release comes out. Price: Free
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YamiPod YamiPod

Once it was good, but no longer impressed 2 stars
The developer does not seem to put the effort into the product anymore and while I donated, I feel a little cheated by investing in this product. From now on I'll only invest in someone that produces an open source project. It has become useless. Price: Free
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MozBackup MozBackup

If you need to reinstall windows... 4 stars
This tool is a life saver for Mozilla users. Very easy to use to backup/restore bookmarks, e-mail, user accounts, settings, etc. It claims to backup your extensions, but that did not work for me. Price: Free
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CCleaner CCleaner

Nice little utility to get rid of crap! 5 stars
I don't have many comments, but it just makes cleaning the crap off of your PC pretty easy. Great free tool! Price: Free
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ImgBurn ImgBurn

Best burning engine i have used 5 stars
I am using Nero less and less thanks to ImgBurn. Take DVD video folders and create an ISO image to burn with anything... but ImgBurn is the best ISO image burner I have used. Wish it worked with audio CD's, but it handles my data backups and video projects with ease. Worth a donation to the author. Excellent burning engine... But I've said that!!! Price: Free
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Nero Ultra Edition Nero Ultra Edition

Great overall performer... 4 stars
Nero has been king of the hill in optical disc recording for sometime. Overall, Nero 7.x is a solid performer, but this go around does contain more bugs. Sure they address them, but not as quickly as they once did. I still recommend this product, but it is getting awful bloated. Price: Free Trial ($79.99)
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Comodo Internet Security Comodo Internet Security

One word, impressive 5 stars
Been a user of ZA and KPF, and both are great firewalls when you pay for the product... they both also have issues (not going to get into them now). I downloaded the latest Comodo Firewall (v2.3.6.81) and was pretty much impressed from the start. It has excellent configuration options (may be overwhelming for some) and a smaller footprint than ZA Pro. Also, the company has an online forum that is top notch. My initial reaction is impressive. I have removed ZA and Sunbelts (never updated) KPF. Comodo is a keeper! Price: Free
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IsoBuster IsoBuster

Great for recovery 5 stars
Only needed it once (so far) but it more than paid for itself when I was able to recover photos I had on a damaged CD-R. Excellent tool and well worth the registration price. Price: Free Trial ($39.95)
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OpenOffice OpenOffice

Great for small businesses, home users, etc. 5 stars
On a budget? Don't need all the bloated features of popular office suites? Give a try. It is very compatible with MSOffice and most users won't have any problems exchanging data with others. This product gets better with each release. The product has an open standard for document format, but I'll admit it means very little right now. We will have to wait and see, but it is a very impressive office suite. Price: Free
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TrueCrypt TrueCrypt

Biggest plus for me, is command line mounting 5 stars
What can I say, this is excellent software. Keeps things safe and secure in encrypted containers/virtual discs. I do a lot of automation and move things around in shell scripts (batch files)... this thing is cool because you can mount drives in batch. Wonderful utility and a great forum. Worth a donation to the authors. Excellent choice for those that do not need whole disc encryption. 1001+ uses for securing your data on just about any platform (MAC is coming). Price: Free
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Picasa Picasa

I think it does a great job at red-eye! 5 stars
It is a little different and does not offer a lot of editing features, but I think this product does a phenomenal job at removing red-eye from the photos I take with my digital camera. I've recommended it to several friends for that alone and they all agree. Great little free utility/tool! Price: Free
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FileZilla FileZilla

Better than some commercial offerings 5 stars
A fine GUI FTP client that simply works. I like that it is open source. I'd possibly like to see it integrate with OpenPGP (GnuPG/gpg), but it is not that important. The product works great. Give it a try. Price: Free
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AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

Surprising good for a free virus scanner 5 stars
I have tried a lot of commercial virus software products and I did find one I liked, though I won't name it (starts with a "K")... And while I like my commercial selection, I did not want to buy two licenses. I put AVG free on my wifes PC and did not pay much attention to it. I then started having nagging issues (browsing slowdowns and sites not loading) with my commercial selection and I started looking at AVG after the latest update. Needless to say I was quite impressed and quickly installed it on my system. It's not as polished as my commercial product, but I think it is a great choice for most people behind a NAT router and are generally cautious with things the download and launch, etc. I am very happy with it and may keep this installed even after my commercial product addresses the issues in their service release. Price: Free
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7-Zip 7-Zip

Open source and one of the best... 5 stars
Nice SFX options with AES encryption. There is a beta that supports ZIP-AES that should be coming soon. The GUI is a little rough, but overall it is functional and not too confusing for some of my non-tech friends and family. Command line interface is easy and I have implemented it at the office for some automated tasks. Well worth a look and a donation for future development and enhancements. Price: Free
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Nice software, nice interface, but... 3 stars
I am security conscience and the fact that this supports ZIP-AES encryption I think it is important for a product like this to be open source. I have no idea if the author has built in a "back door". However, this does have a better interface than my zip/7z product of choice and it is a plus that it also has a command line interface add-on. If the author opens up the source, I'll be first in line to make a donation. Price: Free
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