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TweakNow PowerPack TweakNow PowerPack

Worth a look 4 stars
Nice program with lots of features. Good Explanations for most of the options, so you can work out if you should change anything. One thing to be aware of though is the network settings under "Windows Secret Menu". Some of these options will slow badly a broadband connection, so It's a good idea to do a Internet Speed test after changing some settings. Still a very good program though. Price: Free Trial ($15.00)
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Avidemux Avidemux

Great video processor and encoder 5 stars
Have found this program to be extremely useful. Once you spend some time learning it you can produce some very good video footage which rivals some very well known and expensive video packages. For what it does this has to be one of the best freeware packages I have used, and I have used a few. Well done to all the people who worked hard to put this program together. Price: Free
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XXCLONE Freeware XXCLONE Freeware

Very effective program 5 stars
Very effective program. Have been using this for a while now and not had any problems with the copies. Usually use it to create regular bootable copies of my c drive or to upgrade a computer to a larger hard drive. Nice easy program worth a download. Price: Free
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HD Speed HD Speed

Nice and easy 5 stars
Nice easy to use piece of software. Tells you most of what you need to know quickly. Make sure though, you take notice of the warning message before you press the button for the write test, as this is a destructive test. Works well and is stable. Price: Free
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EaseUS Partition Master EaseUS Partition Master

You must have this 5 stars
This program is effective,easy to use and most of all it works very well. Like another reviewer stated ' "It fills a real gap". Pity Microsoft does not think of great programs that just work without a fuss. Have used this program a lot to do backups and working boot-able copies of windows systems. Have never had one copy or boot process fail. Someone worked hard to fill the need for a partition and resizing program in windows. Excellent program. Price: Free
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WinVorbis WinVorbis

simple but effective program 5 stars
Tried this piece of software as an alternative to MP3's. Works well. The replay Gain Function does exactly what it should, with no large variations in volume. I find this useful as I make Music CD's With a lot of various artists. Some other MP3 Replay Gain products sometimes yield unsuspected losses in the treble range. Not so in this program. Worth downloading and testing even for a novice. Thanks to whoever made this simple but effective program. p.s The music file sound great to. Price: Free
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Lame Front-End Lame Front-End

Full of features 5 stars
Tried this software as I use mp3's a lot for music. Nice piece of software which has all the features and ease of use you could want if you like the LAME encoder. Got some nice sounding music results with this. When set right It surprised a friend who I was helping with putting her CD's onto her MP3 Players. Would recommend this program to any serious converter searching for a good free front end program. Thanks to the programmers and Price: Free
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Audacity Audacity

Nice easy piece of software 5 stars
Have been using this for a while without too many problems. It does have limitations when playing back edited portions of music in that it plays such a small section of your changes you don't get a feel for how the changes will come out. Thank goodness for the undo function. I still use this as a main tool for editing wav files, In particular the editing of wave files taken from records. I have found it useful for this due to the click removal tool which is quite effective. For a free program this is a nice piece of software if you are like me and don't have much money. Would still highly recommend this to anyone who needs to do some wave editing and converting. Price: Free
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MediaMonkey MediaMonkey

Nice alternative player 5 stars
This program is well worth a download. It runs ok and is fairly stable. The features take a little getting used to as well as the setup configuration, but once you know how to use it it is fairly easy. There are however, a few points to note. These are the fact that the speed of the burning of Audio CD's is limited to 4x unless you purchase Media monkey Gold. Also in reading the online documentation there seems to be a problem in the way the sync operates. It usually tries to copy all songs weather they exist on your device or not. I have had this problem but if you read the forums on this there are a few suggestions on how to resolve this. Window refreshes could also do with a tweak as well. After all this I would still recommend the program. Price: Free
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Auslogics Disk Defrag Auslogics Disk Defrag

Great software 5 stars
Nice piece of software. Like all the other comments this program runs well and fast. does not seem to compact free space though, but this is a minor issue so the program is worth using. Thanks to the programmers. Price: Free
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