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online password manager LastPass is a password manager that enables you to store all your website logins in a single, cross-platform compatible password vault. Instead of remembering individual usernames and passwords, you'll only need to remember the master password to unlock your secure password vault. The program integrates with all popular browsers and can automatically fill the login boxes for all your stored website accounts, so there is no need to even type the username and password. Whenever you log into a site that is not yet stored your vault, the program will offer you to capture the login information and make is accessible for future one-click logins. In addition to login information, the LastPass also allows you to create form filling profiles that enables you to automatically fill online forms with your personal information (shipping address, email etc.). LastPass is cross-platform compatible and allows you to access your vault from different computers and browsers and even from the website. Other features include secure password generation, phishing protection, one-time passwords, import/export, on-screen keyboard, and more. LastPass also offers an optional annual subscription that allows you to use the software on most mobile devices and adds some advanced features. Copyright

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Publisher LastPass Price Free
Version 4.122.0  history Last updated Sep 22, 2023
File Size 10.7 Mb Requirements None

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No longer a free product... 3 stars by PaulSc Mar 30, 2021 (Read all my 3 reviews)
LastPass is now no longer a "free" product. Whilst it remains a free download the functionality is crippled to lock you to a single type of device therfore its main feature of syncing passwords across all your devices is no longer possible without paying.. this should no longer be classes as Freeware as its now more payware if you want extra functionality. Ive used lastPass for years but can nolonger recommend it and suggest BitWarden instead if you want a cross platfiorm free option.. show Review details
Absolutely love it 5 stars by eddy.pinson146 Aug 23, 2016
It does what it's supposed to do, retain dozens of different passwords for different sites, fill in forms with ease, but one must always double check if all fields are correct. And it is so easy to create complex passwords. I couldn't work without it anymore. show Review details
Fail import, fail install, fail support 1 stars by henerey773 Jul 17, 2016 (Read all my 37 reviews)
During the install of this on Win7 you'll come to a point where it will ask you if you want to proceed AND ERASE ALL LOCAL PASSWORDS ON YOUR SYSTEM. Figuring, ok, I have BACKUPS, why not then allow my pws to exist on their encrypted server instead? I guess that might be ok, but then after ok'ing it, the installer's next step was to Import my passwords. OK, seems logical, but then the usual green progess bar would just burp at the seeming end and restart itself, over and over, for half an hour. I finally used the Task Manager to break out of the process. Then, logging into the LP site, I can see that my passwords are in their Vault. Good, ok, but because I broke the installer process it never got to the point of installing a Firefox or IE add-on, nor did it erase my non-secured passwords. Without LP running, my Fox still will auto-fill my credentials. I'm not sure how bad that is, but whatever functions the add-ons ADD are not there. I looked around the LP site for add-ons installers but no go. I emailed the LP folks but they're busy with supporting paying users, no reply. Obviously this works well for most, but I just got fed up and uninstalled it. show Review details
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