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explorer style registry browser Registry Explorer can be used to replace the standard Windows regedit. After installing the software, your desktop will contain a new item named "Registry", that you can use to explore your registry just like your file system, using the familiar Windows Explorer interface. It features drag&drop and copy/paste for easily copying and moving values, inserting new keys and different kinds of values as well as editing and renaming values. You can use the Find function to search through the registry in a much better (and faster) way than Windows has to offer. On Windows 2000, you can even edit a key s permissions, just like in regedt32. The software also lets you link to the registry from a web page. In addition, you can create "inverse reg files" that delete the selected keys or values instead of adding them. Advanced users will find this to be a very interesting tool and nice replacement for the default Regedit. Copyright

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