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Only does one thing 3 stars by STEDMANA838 Jul 19, 2013
This software is probably the best at what it does and what the name suggests and that it changes the name of a file, it has all these advanced features but all of them only apply to the file name. One might hope that it also edits other details in the file such as artist or album artist, but no, it won't touch those details. I've spent a good few hours with this software trying to find the part that lets me edit other fields, if it is there its certainly well hidden and that isn't straight forward. I haven't been able to edit a large section of music details because of this lack of functionality which would a bonus to have in a program like this. Still the program is great at just changing the name of a file just nothing more than that, as it seems. show Review details
Just excellent 5 stars by bensil Oct 17, 2010
This program is the equal of any pay renamer I have seen, and I've seen a lot. Simple, powerful and intuitive - exactly what you want in a utility. I will definitely be donating to the author. show Review details
Good idea, so-so design with irksome glitches 3 stars by xor_42 Jun 11, 2010 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Good idea that needs work, better GUI, more stability. Like others, doesn't equal LupasRename's balance of power, clarity, and stability. Features marred by glitches. Rule-based actions powerful but tedious for common tasks. Missing basics like simple button to select/deselect all - requires several keystrokes. Undo limited, couldn't undo last 3 actions in same session. Common action like replace ALL of name, not so obvious, buried in Replace rule. Couldn't find how to change case of extension only - wants to changes whole name. Needs to borrow LR's simple Name/Ext tab idea. Tests of case changes failed saying file exists. Eventually got it to work but reset file creation date to current time. Dates of files should NEVER EVER be changed unless requested. Would stay with old LR if it didn't have timezone date problem with late Windows versions wherein it shows file dates off by 4 hours. So, I'll have to keep looking. show Review details
An amazing tool 5 stars by rrocoo Nov 24, 2009
A simply amazing tool, with the friendly interface gave me the opportunity to rename my entire music collection (about 45GB) in less than 2 days, even allow you to preview files before making the final change and have a cool smart tool for character substitution so you wont face major issues when relabeling. Character substitution will replace non-allowed characters on a file/folder name, lots of options to customize it. Any other minor issues when running the software were more related to how my files were organized / named. So I went from here: american idiot_-_ boulevard To here: Green Day - American Idiot - 08 - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams All my music now have the same naming convention: Artist Album Tile Track Number Song Name for a better way to manage them. A big THANKS says all! show Review details
Best renamer 5 stars by DearWebby Sep 28, 2009
I tested a bunch of renamers, and Rename Master was definitely the easiest to use. show Review details
Nice 5 stars by Nestrius Sep 01, 2009
I just wanted to rename a few Pictures, which was very easy with that tool and it is also very powerful from what I saw. show Review details
Fantastic 5 stars by Mike77 Apr 28, 2009 (Read all my 6 reviews)
This is an incredible program. Just take a few minutes to learn how to use it and you realize how brilliantly it's written. Incredibly useful and when a file can not be renamed it turns red, and tells you why! My only request is to add a checkmark box at the top to be able to checkmark-all, and uncheckmark-all. To do that now you simply press Ctrl+A, Ctrl+D or use edit menu. Thanks for this great program! show Review details
Great app! 5 stars by gimpguy Oct 07, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I got tired of using renamers but this one woke me back up. Most has been said already about it but hey, it's a great renamer and had to comment. I have almost 10,000 pics from years of saving and got tired of other renamers taking forever, not renaming how I want, etc... this one, no issue. Great app! show Review details
Excellent program 5 stars by equinox747 Aug 17, 2008
Excellent program... took a little while to sort out, but did everything it said it does..would recommend it show Review details
Good software 3 stars by asp778 Aug 01, 2008
Well what do you expect from free as someone says? But, this one is da bomb!!! Thanks to the developer for this software! show Review details
A very rare perfect tool! 5 stars by ericlaukm Jul 31, 2008
Why it can be called perfect? See for yourself: 1. Small in Size; 2. No need for installation (just run it every time you need it, it does not need to be permanently installed into your system); 3. Extremely user-friendly; 4. Has all the functions you can imagine for batch renaming; 5. Action previewable and undo-able; 6. Do exactly what it is supposed to do, smoothly, effectively and efficiently; 6. And most important of all, yeah you get it, it's FREE Dun you agree it's perfect? show Review details
The best in my humble opinion 5 stars by Shodan816 Feb 11, 2008 (Read all my 43 reviews)
I've tried a lot of file renaming utilities and this one is THE BEST, everything considered. The fact that it's free is simply icing on the cake. GET IT. show Review details
Cool tool 5 stars by tomjanda Jan 27, 2008
Exactly what i need - free, easy to use, has all features as paid software. show Review details
Uhh yeah 2 stars by edd209 Jul 25, 2007
If your looking to rename a bunch of files quickly and easily , this isn't it. Do I wanna learn what meta whatsits are. No I just wanna put the darn things in some kind of order. I'm sure its a good program for someone that already knows how to use it though. show Review details
Might as well have fun while you do the job 5 stars by Carson Nov 20, 2006 (Read all my 4 reviews)
I think this world would be a MUCH happier place if more people made programs highlighted in purple. But then, you can obviously expect original, highly creative work from anyone who calls himself Jackass Joe. Come to think of it, I think this world would be a much better place if we elected this kind of person for president. (Yes, I really do.) And the program? Well, I just told you. It's excellent. And it's light in weight, and it is free-standing (no install muss or fuss.) show Review details
Very nice tool once you get to know it! 5 stars by themays Aug 26, 2006
Be patient - interface and options take a few minutes to understand and learn but you'll love it once you do. Grab a bunch of files (picture files in my case), throw them into a folder, and play with the utility a bit to see what it can do. I rated it 'Very Good' on Interface and Ease of Use instead of 'Excellent' only because of this small initial learning curve. You'll be an expert after playing with it for 15 minutes or so. show Review details
Wow! this is great 5 stars by deblein Aug 05, 2006
The directory path was a bit mysterious to navigate, but the capabilities were incredible. After testing with a folder of 4 files and pushing all the buttons and seeing what the preview pane displays, I was set to go in accomplishing exactly what was desired. Way to go JJJ! Thank you very much! show Review details
Thanks for rename master 4 stars by damunzy Jun 23, 2006
Nice program. Doesn't need to be installed - runs from the .exe. Needs some work in the interface department. show Review details
Very good, 5 stars by Dolf01 Jun 01, 2006 (Read all my 12 reviews)
Very intuitive (may take a minute) works excellent, especially when you integrate it in the shell (or put shortcut in send to), select the files in your explorer right click and proceed rename-procedure, which is clear and easy to understand. show Review details
Pretty good program 3 stars by tommyhilfinger Mar 24, 2006
This program is pretty good, once you get used to it. I liked the standalone EXE for it, that is good. I like the way it changes the file names, in real-time, as you type, so you can see exactly how the file name will change, before that change becomes permanent. It even has an undo feature. Took a little getting used to, learning how to use it, the documentation was o.k., but it seemed to assume that one already had knowledge of technical aspects of file renaming, which I do not. But once I fooled around a little with it, I realized how excellent a program it was. I will use it again and I thank the developer for making it available at no cost. show Review details
Excellent program 5 stars by VMSForever Dec 29, 2005 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Overall an excellent program that will save me lots of time. All it needs to be perfect is better documentation. show Review details
Number one 5 stars by RangerGord Dec 08, 2005
The best renamer so far. show Review details
Fantastic 5 stars by batfastad Sep 27, 2005
Wow! Rarely nowadays do I find software this good. All the features are there - took a minute or so to find the option I was looking for Interface looks cluttered at first viewing, but everything's close to hand. Another plus point is there's no shell integration, and no installer - just run the .exe!! This is a real good find! Download it. show Review details
This program really does its job 5 stars by icuryy Sep 11, 2005 (Read all my 4 reviews)
Though it took a couple minutes first to figure out how to achieve what I tried to do, this program did its job beautifully. It is a great program once you know where to go (especially the meta-values). The features are fantastic! You can do all sorts of things. And the BEST thing I love about this program is that it recognizes numbers and sorts them numerically instead of alphabetically. For EX, File2 will be put before File100. Some other renaming tools do not have this. show Review details
Great for digital photos 4 stars by Yorgie Jun 29, 2005
Excellent for renaming photos downloaded from cameras and given cryptic file names. This will retrieve any metadata (EXIF) from the photo file and uses that for the name (among many other options). I use it to make the photo file name the same as the DATE + TIME the picture was taken, not the date I downloaded it to the computer as most of the camera apps do. The great feature here is that you can control the format of the date and time, which many other renamer apps don't provide. I also really like that its a standalone exe; no need to install to use on different machines - can be run from USB flash drive. There's room for improvement in the interface, especially the folder browser, but its a great app none the less - thanks for making it freeware! show Review details
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