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A rock-solid and stable web server 4 stars by Bigdummys Mar 21, 2014 (Read all my 12 reviews)
KF Web Server is a solid base if you are looking to host your own website(s) at home on your high speed dsl/cable connection. note: To make it even easier you usually can buy a static ip address from your isp. if not places like no-ip will point internet users to your web server at home using one of their free domain names even if your ip address is a dynamic one from your ISP. I have used KF Web Server for over a year with an average of 5k visitors a week on 3 different websites with almost no problems. Looking for a feature rich free webserver? KF web server fits the bill. You can almost "set it and forget it" performance. show Review details
Great server 5 stars by MetalHellsAngel Mar 21, 2006 (Read all my 4 reviews)
I give this server and A+, even though there is no support forum, you can however get direct support by email and they respond within a responsible amount of time. This server has a nice web based interface and supports php,perl,python and asp also a plus in my book. I also enjoy the fact that I can customize the directory browsing interface as well as directory security. MIME types are easily added and configured and password protection for directory's is easily achieved. It also supports url rewrite which is another feature missed in alot of other servers. You should give this server a go you wont be wasting your time. show Review details
The perfect alternative 5 stars by pcs800 Mar 21, 2006 (Read all my 222 reviews)
KF Web Server had ended up replacing a server app i paid for, which caused me all kinds of problems. This one has performed perfectly with the 7 web sites I run from it. The features are great, it has a very light footprint, security is there and unique, no crashes as of yet, just can;t say enough. Great product. show Review details
Works great - solid and dependable 5 stars by masteral Sep 28, 2005
I have had 2 web sites running on my cable modem connection using KF Web Server for over 3 months now and it works great. Lets you host your own web site without paying a hosting service. Give it a try. show Review details
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