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Got this back in 2012 5 stars by plpreston777 May 20, 2020
It has gotten better with age and updates. Liked it then, Love it now! Finally paid the money to take ownership and have MY name put on it. Very easy to use and even change and add some information I want in there. Even made it possible to show if my digital copies can be seen on Vudu, AmazonPrime, MoviesAnywhere, etc. A great way to keep track of what I have and where it can be seen. Absolutely recommend this! show Review details
The seen date field is useless 3 stars by bevinb246 Mar 09, 2019 (Read all my 2 reviews)
One can't type the date a movie is seen into the field, one has to scroll through a calendar. So if you saw a movie 1 year ago, you have to scroll back 12 months, 5 years ago 60 months. Extremely annoying, making the software basically unusable. Other than that it is really nice. show Review details
Best program to quickly organize movies. 5 stars by 3cnm679 Sep 07, 2014
I just joined snapfiles in order to post a review of this program and thank its author. When I decided to catalog my movies last year I went through several programs including those requiring payment. None were as good as this one. It is simple to use and has an appealing design. It is also a work in progress. I just downloaded the latest version, 2.07, and it fixes some minor problems. To me, it is in the best tradition of shareware/freeware from the old days: ad and malware free. It is a valued utility like irfanview and vlc that I use everyday. show Review details
The best! 5 stars by khamill498 Sep 01, 2014
I chose this program after being disappointed by a couple of the "Pay" ones. The present version is quite customizable and does everything I want it to do. Very intuitive and easy to use. GUI is clear and simple. I donated 20 for the program and another 10 to get the customized logo. (Keith's Movie Database) Highly recommended. show Review details
Great movie manager 5 stars by bmrebelo703 Mar 18, 2014
I can keep track of all my movies. easy to add movies into the data base either individually or from a folder or hard drive. show Review details
Best free movie database software ! 5 stars by slythepenguinguy812 Nov 21, 2012
This is by far the best free software, I downloaded over 10 other programs before deciding this was the best. It easily allows you to add movies and link them to IMDB, it is simple to use and has great search and filter features. It is good program and I am really thankful to Erick for making it. Cons- Not very good for TV shows- cant import imdb episode info -perhaps let us just type in the imdb number and have it sort needs some functions to be available to right click on movies: add user rating, open file location, (things like that) show Review details
Just what I have been looking for! 5 stars by skizm913376 Dec 02, 2011
My only issue is that my list is over 5000 movies (saved in a .csv file) and when i try to import the list it errors if I try to import more than 150 titles at a time. Another idea is to add amazon.com to the section to get the DVD cover art. Quite a few of my titles didn't have the correct artwork (or any artwork) in the 4 options. I manually had to save the jpg from amazon and upload them to EMBD. Once again, GREAT product Eric and keep up the great work. Will be donating one my list is fully uploaded. show Review details
Easy to use great program! 5 stars by Kessaz Feb 27, 2011
After using several DVD organizers that have stopped working on me I tried this program and am quite pleased! It has to be by far the easiest to use and takes no time at all to add movies. I did over 500 movies quite efficiently. Also, the developer does take time to answer questions if you are stumped on something. I've not had that support with other programs. I would highly recommend this program...great work! :) show Review details
Great program some difficulties 4 stars by valter2au Jan 22, 2011
When I first used this program it did not download the ratings. OK I found an option to do this, set it and updated, this was a bit hit and miss, most ratings however did not download. It also scared me a bit until I realized it was auto saving, I think you should inform the user. Now the problem: on my pc, it worked fine, but then I move it to my laptop, and found it can't connect to download stuff from IMDB. The program gives me a message to check connection etc, but I have no details such as the ports being used to check. The other problem is if I do more work on my PC, I can't transfer just one record across. This might seem to be a critical review, but if the issue of the download was resolved. This would be a really fine program. One that as a freeware developer myself, I would happily donate to. All in all a great interface with a few problems as I have mentioned. show Review details
Additional filters 5 stars by floridaoddbod Dec 30, 2010
Congratulations Eric on a superb program, I am so impressed, I have donated. Please can you add a "Kids Movies" and "Horror" to the existing Filter menu? Or enable the filter names to be changed? Keep up the great work. Would appreciate your thoughts show Review details
Organized all my movies 5 stars by faresk Dec 26, 2010
Many thanks to the person who created this lovely software. I was searching for a such a program. It organized all my movies, it is lovely. I tried to donate but I don't have PayPal account. Thanks show Review details
Excellent organizer for movies 5 stars by Mike_Troy Dec 22, 2010 (Read all my 8 reviews)
This software was obviously designed by someone who loves movies and put a lot of thought into them. It makes organization easy by downloading most of the info on a movie from IMDB.com. But you are able to add your own comments or other information about the movie. It is very flexible. I also use and like the HTML export, and appreciate the ability to create my own customized templates for export. show Review details
Easy for a lazy man 5 stars by Avidan Dec 31, 2009
Anything that can help me get the most done with the least amount of effort and in the shortest amount of time is a winner in my book, and EMDB is exactly that. I have 350 DVDs. That doesn't sound like much, but when you have to put in title, author, credits information it can be a chore, particularly when all you want to do is get it done. I tried a couple of other freeware DVD programs, and they touted ease of use, but only EMDB actually ended up being easy to use. I installed and started up the program. The interface was nice and clean, well organized and best of all, simple to browse at a moment's notice. So I clicked "Add" and typed in "Without a Paddle", and clicked the IMDB button which would check IMDB for the title. Sure enough, 2 seconds later, the information was filled in every form, and I clicked add. I had just completed one full DVD entry and it took 5 seconds in all. Absolutely brilliant. show Review details
Definitely get this program 5 stars by SoniMathe Mar 19, 2009
I had my DVDs listed in a spreadsheet but this is so much better. It works exactly as advertised. My thanks to Eric (I assume). If I had a credit card I would donate, sorry. show Review details
Great freeware 5 stars by Daniel1955 Feb 16, 2009
Very solid and stable program. I've loaded 3000 movies with no problem so far. A few limitations: 1. You can export some fields but no all. You can import some fields but not all. Because of this you can not export the database .. work on the data in excel (or other program) and then re-import your work. I'd really like to run Mediainfo collect data like PAL/NTSC and upload. 2. You can not sort on all fields (like PAL/NTSC or Medium) .. I'd really like that. 3. You can (only) add two genre of your choice. I'd really like a few more. 4. I'd really like to be able to "lock" a record from edit .. meaning when I would do an IMDB update .. all movies would be updated except those that have been "locked" (I need this because I keep movie titles only in English for my family ... When I do an IMDB update it wipes out all of my handtyped titles .. show Review details
I love this 5 stars by hvacman Sep 16, 2008 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I tried to use "coolector" and the darn thing is a piece of crap, I love your program, I will donate when I can, I love this. It adds movies very easily, it imports info and has loan tracking, that I love Thank you for making a great freeware product that you actually want to use. show Review details
Great application - have problem with images 4 stars by kajuma Sep 16, 2008
This is a great little application that is super easy to use. However, when I add an image it turns sideways - even though I've checked the option to automatically rotate images when needed. It would be a good idea to allow the user to rotate each image in future application updates. Also to add other sources such as Amazon and RottenTomatoes for download info rather than just IMDB. Thanks for this application - great freeware! show Review details
Two thumbs up 5 stars by gimpguy Aug 23, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
This is simply awesome, easy to use. I now cataloged all my movies with no scanning, searching, etc... Backs the database up easily, easily restores, what more can you ask for? finally something that helps put FREEWARE back on the wanted list. My thanks to the creators. show Review details
Errors on sort. 1 stars by Jake25 Feb 18, 2008
The program initially looks very good, but fails. I did a sort on the movie titles and the other fields did not follow the sorted field. Now the categories don't match most of the movie titles. Wasted time on this one. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Feb 19, 2008: Sorting is just a view on the database and will not change the actual data (so dont worry too much). I cannot reproduce your described problem but still will look into it a bit more. It s a pitty you didnt report this to me directly but wrote this negative comment here.
An excellent movie database 5 stars by Sianlover Dec 18, 2007 (Read all my 6 reviews)
Small and neat, and it keeps all of its data inside its own directory. This elegant little program has all the features that you need, and none of the rubbish that you do not. show Review details
Great work, nice software! 4 stars by Graywolf48 Nov 20, 2007
I downloaded program and found it very easy to use. I haven't tried all the features yet, but so far I like what I see. A pop up screen tells me a newer version is available, but when I click to get the newer version I get the "server not found" message. I would also like to donate a few dollars, since I think the software has value but since the upgrade link doesn't work, I'm afraid Eric won't get the money. Also, is there a way I can alphabetize the movie titles? If so this would make the program 100% for me. Great work, Eric. This program is just what I was looking for, so add me to your list of satisfied customers. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Dec 13, 2007: The "update link" is just a link to the website. There is no update, just a new version which overwrites the old one but keeps all data and settings. You can sort every single column by clicking its header. Visit my website and click the paypal button if you want to donate. You can also order your own custom named version there. Eric
Pretty good 4 stars by OldCoder Oct 28, 2007 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I downloaded EMDB and entered over 600 movies in it without a hitch [so far]. Easy to use. Needs some tweaking, but, being that it was developed and given to the general public for FREE, I can't complain. Maybe in the future, with other upgrades/versions, it will rate as the number one movie database. show Review details
Excellent program 5 stars by Karmaxs3 Sep 24, 2007 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I Actually donated to this software. I think Eric is doing an excellent job. Not only that but it appears that he seems to listen to suggestions. So Eric here are a couple. Possibly doing something so "THE" in the beginning of the title can be put at the end so we dont have a million "THE" titles and also a way to make the numbers at the first column be changed to go with our list in alphabetical order. Even with these two issues (If you can call them issues) This program is A+++ in my opinion. Also I directed many from the alteredegos forums to this software and they loved it even donated from I was told to keeping this software open. Thanks Eric!!! show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Oct 01, 2007: Thank you for your suggestions. Moving The to the end, e.g. Title, the would be a nice (optional) feature. I think I will add that soon. I also have to take other prefixes ( A ?) and foreign translations ( de in dutch) into account. Renumbering on rearanging the sort column or order doesn`t look like a good idea. Many people use the numbering to identify their movies.
Great potential but is unstable 4 stars by Franky Sep 23, 2007
The creator of this software needs to drop the attitude and realize just because he provides software for free, it doesn't mean he should expect users to just accept crashes and lost data. The program is easy to use, does a great job of managing your movie collection with useful features, however your database will just vanish virtually everyday you use the software. Yes their are backups in place, but instead of relying backups, the creator should educate himself on the reasons as to why the software keeps losing the database, as if he does this, then i couldn't see any faults. Overall this is a simple, yet highly useful piece of software, which is let down by technical issues, but if you are happy to put up with constant crashes then i would recommend it. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Sep 25, 2007: Why is putting all my free time in developing an application and giving it away for free having an attitude? Do you use the latest version (0.48)? I use EMDB every day and never enounter any crashes. Is there a specific scenario you use when the crashes occur? (There are some issues in import / export csv files but those will be fixed in the next version.)
Nifty movie database manager! 4 stars by yassertariq Aug 31, 2007 (Read all my 90 reviews)
At less than 1MB and free, this software is a definite download. It manages movie-collection in a very effective way. It sorts the collection in a variety of ways and provides a nice searching feature. The only con is that all of the fields are not visible (if screen size is 800x600) when adding a movie. show Review details
Good, but some problems 3 stars by gwendolien Apr 03, 2007
Reasonable to good overall usability. Directors are NOT imported here from IMDB however. Rather good as FREEware! show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Apr 11, 2007: Import of Director is fixed in version 0.42.
A great solution 4 stars by anthro_gal Apr 03, 2007
I've been looking for such a program for an age; surprisingly they just aren't out there. This is easy to use; data is quickly input with a touch of a button and stored. I love the opportunity to browse my DVDs, particularly by cover, as when you have so many DVDs you start to lose track. My one and only issue is that IMDB does not have separate profiles for seasons of TV programs, which means inputting different seasons will leave you with the same info and pictures unless you choose to change it, therefore it would be great if it could also access Amazon info for a DVDs in the future. Now I just need to find a catalog for my books.......Thanks EMDB creator! show Review details
Good, but . . . 3 stars by philcal Mar 19, 2007
The ease of down loading titles is great, but Eric (or someone else), please tell me how to alphabetize the titles. Also, when deleting an entry, how can you renumber (in alphabetized sequence)? The info is great--I must be missing something. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Mar 30, 2007: Sorting is like in many other applications: just click on the headers of the columns. Clicking a second time reverses the sort order. Deleting an entry keeps the numbering by default, leaving a gap . The next addition will be using this position. You can let EMDB renumber all movies when deleting an entry in the options dialog. Eric (indeed ;-)
Lost it! 1 stars by AllyC07 Jan 27, 2007
I need to agree with a previous reviewer, it is really upsetting to spend a couple of hours entering data only to start it up the next time to get an error/restore message from the program and then loose it all. I was using the latest version. Whatever the issue is - a more conventional approach to saving and archiving files with some user involvement would be welcome. show Review details
Does a fine job 4 stars by Steve_D Dec 11, 2006
I've looked at several movie databases and even considered writing the app myself, but then I found EMDB. It's simple to use, efficient, and the price is right. The interface is pretty simple and perhaps in new versions it will have a simple help file or link and it would be nice to search by genre too but overall I like the program and sent Eric his money. I recommend it if your not looking for a glamorous application but one that's easy to use and does the job then I would recommend EMDB to you. show Review details
Cool program 5 stars by ElenaSapna Nov 21, 2006
Cool program. But it could be better. I would like to see hire a function "save db" show Review details
Great software - with minor issues 3 stars by Cyberati Sep 08, 2006
I installed ver 0.33 and was immediately thrilled to see that some changes was made to the user interface that I liked. I imported my 158 movies that I had exported from the previous version and was immediately disappointed when the the final movie was imported and this error message emerged: An invalid argument encountered. I tried to import only the movie title, but still the error came. I thought I was alright when I saw all my movies in the main window, but when I closed the database the error came again and the program closed. When I reopened the program it produced a message that my data was corrupt and that the program would attempt to correct it. After it finished all my data was gone. I would greatly appreciate a backup solution that worked. And please include the IMDB number since it greatly reduces the time spent on reconstructing the data. OTHERWISE super program the best there is in fact, so I can live with a lot show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Sep 15, 2006: you can just install any version over a previous version and all your movies will be there. Exporting is not a backup, only a subset of the data is saved to be openened by other applications. In fact after every change a REAL backup is made : the database emdb.dat is copied to emdb.001, the previous 001 is renamed to 002 etc. Next time you have a problem or questions mail me because I can not visit every single download site EMDB is hosted on.
Ah... just notify... 4 stars by onlyfrank Jun 30, 2006
It is a nice software.. A very useful tool. Just a recommendation to the author: You should be notifying users that their collections is being saved automatically or you will have users in panic. Also let users select any item in order to copy an actor's or directors' name to the clipboard. Keep the good work on. show Review details
Great and simple 4 stars by SnowmanDK Jun 21, 2006
I love this little utility. It is fairly straight forward to use. Covers most things regarding movies. Usage of the IMDB is a great advantage. Only thing I miss is that the list of supported languages should be sorted alphabetically. Some languages is not fully translated as the English one that I used as template at first is not complete. Had to use the Dutch. Translations should be marked with a version number in my opinion. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Jun 29, 2006: Dutch is the only one I can do myself...
Watch out or lose all your data! 2 stars by tonydm May 29, 2006
I'm a developer myself. I gave Eric's EMDB a try. Looked pretty nice. Spent a few hours keying in my videos. Program crashed. Lost everything I had keyed. He evidently dosen't understand the concept of 1) Provide a "Save" button, or 2) "Post" ALL new entries to the table, or 3) have a "Auto-Save" feature setup. Or all three. So a user is entering his information all fat and happy, unaware that it is "NOT" being saved to a real table, but being, as best I can assertain, to a temp file. Bad form Eric! Try again. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Jun 09, 2006: You evidently dont understand that you got EMDB completely for free. When Word crashes (and it does!) and you lose your work you don t call Microsoft immediately although you payed a lot of money (or not). As from version 0.29 the whole datqabase is daved after a every added or changed movie.
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