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Powerful metaphor, extreme learning curve 2 stars by xor_42 Jun 13, 2010 (Read all my 2 reviews)
More suited for advanced bit diddlers familiar with the arcane, albeit powerful, regex syntax. Very unintuitive GUI with cryptic fields. Help system, though easily invoked, is limited to minimal non-contextual descriptions. Requires diligent research into how program operates to make sense and effective use of it. That, by definition, makes it ineffectual for routine tasks. show Review details
Brilliant 5 stars by marsmars Apr 30, 2007
The best renaming program I have ever used. Gives full control to user plus very good documentation. Great software! show Review details
Flexible, stable and outstanding features 5 stars by sledge Feb 09, 2007
The author is being very involved to enhance PFrank due to requests. Concerning a FREE program I've never seen a stronger engagement before! The renaming kit or "P. Featured, Remarkable, Automatable (file)Name (generation-)Kit" is most flexible even in complicated situations and - greatest thing - it's based on regular expressions (yes, my roots are in the unix world). A unique feature (AFAIK) is renaming file-tuples (some dslr's can store one raw- and a corresponding jpg-version of a picture) according to EXIF-data. If nothing else, I want to mention the very useful undo function if bulk renaming went wrong. Imho the frequent updates do make sense cause in most cases new features are introduced (not bug-fixes) and that pushes the utility forward to save you alot of work. So, Peter thanx for your great job and keep on going... :-> show Review details
Splendid 5 stars by Leendert Jun 29, 2006 (Read all my 27 reviews)
PFrank is the very best file renaming tool I've tried up to now, perhaps because it is the most flexible one. Unfortunately updates, if always a good thing as such, are a bit too frequent. How about a PFrank Tuesday? :) show Review details
Wow!!! 5 stars by donnyj Jun 04, 2006
By far, the most comprehensive renaming program available!!! If you can think of it, it probably already does it, and if it doesn't, the author invites you to challenge him and, drum roll, he means it!!! You can do a lot of the renaming from "pre-defined" commands, and, if they don't fit your needs you can define complex (or simple, your choice) custom renaming with ReGeX commands. For those of you who haven't used ReGeX before, it's not as bad as it looks, and, to make things MUCH easier, you can put in a sample filename and hit update preview, and immediately see if it will work the way you want! If you need to bulk-rename, try it, you'll never go back! show Review details
Easy adding length in .wav files 4 stars by coelmusic Apr 15, 2006
PFrank did an excellent job in developing a program which can rename your files. Especially for music files the program gives many options to change the filenames; important for me is the possibility to add the length of the track in the filename. And to transform the track numbers (1,2 etc. ) into 2-digit numbers (01, 02 etc.). Will save me lots of time. Thanks P. show Review details
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