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Smtp made easy and portable 5 stars by busybusy Jan 09, 2020 (Read all my 261 reviews)
It is a nice piece of software for when you need to send an email and don't want to use a web browser or you don't have an email client installed. The configuration is simple and straight forward. The interface has everything you need to get the job done with the added benefit of adding an attachment. In addition, I took a look at the config.conf file and found that the HazteK team took the time to encrypt the user name and password which is outstanding. Such a simple thing to overlook but increases the sense of security and the use of this application. show Review details
A cool little program 5 stars by sonia.steinhart463 Apr 05, 2015
This little program (version - 35 KB zip file) cannot be any easier to use. Works perfectly. The developer replied to my inquiry promptly and very helpfully. Thanks Joey! show Review details
Easy as smtp 5 stars by gimpguy Aug 11, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Does it get any easier than this? Sent a test email, worked great. Portable, yes. Light, yes. I will be carrying this with me for a long time. You can also edit in the config file. I DO WARN (at least in my case) When you edit the address book, don't do so in the (addbook) file, it will crash when trying to open the mailer. The correct way... Open by clicking the little envelope in the mailer itself, then edit or add rather, the address and name. It will work fine then. Also as in my case, I had to keep opening the addbook file and even deleting blank characters and saving else it would crash the app. Other than that, it's awesome, I tried it from my laptop, my son's pc, it worked flawlessly. Definitely one of my all time favorites. show Review details
Don't struggle with powershell, use this! 5 stars by stupiditguy Jul 28, 2011
Good god I spent 2 days trying to get the powershell smtp client to work. Login errors, etc etc you name it no luck after days of googling syntax, usage, ad nauseum. Finally gave up and found this. I never review products. Within 2 minutes I had automated a smtp script that sent email to whomever or how ever many recipients I wanted. From the command line!!! Which is the way it should be done. Fantastic. Would give it 10 stars if I could. Thanks. show Review details
I concur with the first reviewer 4 stars by stackpool Dec 06, 2008
This is far better than those other 'tiny email' clients, if you just want to fire off an email. Sure, you might have to edit the config file a little bit, but it works exactly as it should. It's basic, but good-looking, and nowhere near as spartan as the competition which I have installed and uninstalled several times over the years, each time expecting them to have gotten better ... to no avail. Yep, this will do nicely. show Review details
Works just fine 5 stars by pcs800 Oct 13, 2008 (Read all my 222 reviews)
I did not see any reason that snapfiles gave this a rating of "fair". It works exactly as it is supposed to. Remembers your SMTP settings and is quick and lightweight. show Review details
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