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Steep learning curve 4 stars by dawnskies Aug 08, 2017 (Read all my 9 reviews)
Hard to understand at first, overkill feature set for most things, but once you get used to it (and if you need these features), incredibly powerful. show Review details
Once you learn how to use it... 4 stars by Pastorjim May 08, 2012 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Once you learn how to use it, it's very, very good. That's because it is far more than a list of a list of things to do. Instead it enables you to set priorities in projects, then track progress, and rearrange the projects in groups of tasks and more. I'm still learning how to use it right now--just installed a few days ago. But I've done a lot of multitasking and step-by-step projects with other programs, and this program is a very good tool for exactly that kind of work. I suggest that you try it out, and work with a few weeks. Most likely you'll probably keep using it from then on. show Review details
Todolist - so much more! 5 stars by Chet07 Nov 18, 2011 (Read all my 7 reviews)
This program is much more than a todolist. It is more of a project organizer than a todolist. It allows you to create task and sub tasks. These tasks may be assigned to individuals or yourself. You can categorize your task in any way you want. For instance you can assign categories by location, job or equipment. The task will be color coded and displayed as a mini calendar. You can choose how to print reports. The reports print as text based reports and include no graphics. Tasks can be reoccurring. The time spent on tasks is also tracked. Overall this program does a great job handling task management. The interface may be a bit daunting, but if you read the help and stick with it you will find it worthwhile. Make sure you go to the author's website for more help. show Review details
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