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Kind of meh 2 stars by EmpressTrudy Sep 02, 2014 (Read all my 16 reviews)
It squashes out excess RAM but it makes your CPU work much harder. Anyway, the way most websites and apps are built today the bottle neck is the obscene amount of disc thrashing they force in order to get the limitless gobs of awful java and javascript to run show Review details
Buggy software 2 stars by Bebo10 Nov 05, 2012 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I didn't see much of a difference if any, as I am using a memory optimizer, and the options are NOT saved, always reverts to don't launch Firefox, needs fixing! show Review details
I guess it really does work 5 stars by gimpguy Aug 12, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Immediately after optimizing, launching Firefox, there was a difference. Firefox is now opening right away, pages are loading fast and there is no more delay. Regardless if this was supposed to accomplish such a thing, it works. Multiple tabs open, no issues or slowdowns. I was reluctant to use this as Firefox was always fairly stable for me but this really did make a difference and anyone who uses Firefox should get this. show Review details
A really go green software! 5 stars by xiruahu Jun 24, 2012 (Read all my 11 reviews)
I'm running Firefox with six windows open and the memory consumption is lower than 5 MB. And Firemin is consuming only 838 kb. Really impressive! show Review details
It really works! 5 stars by RFlaggs Jun 21, 2012 (Read all my 4 reviews)
The high memory consumption of Firefox has always been a royal pain, especially if you keep several tabs open for days without restarting the browser. If have used Firemin for several weeks now and Firefox never uses more than 5mb of RAM (usually less) - and it used to gobble up 500mb easily! Freeing the unused memory does not seem to have any impact on Firefox performance whatsoever. show Review details
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