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Advanced IP Scanner Advanced IP Scanner

Only program to show active user...! Nice! 4 stars
I was looking for utility to search for username by computer nameip address. It seems like this is the only tool that I can find to show me the username by computer nameip address. Nice Job.. but of course, there is lots of room for improvement... Price: Free
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Rear View Mirror Rear View Mirror

Perfect, but some suggestion.. 5 stars
This is what I am looking for. I worked in a open area where people always walk behind my back. Sometimes, they are like ghosts, couldn't even hear their foot steps. With this, I can view, and hear if people are nearby. The only thing I am concerned (even though I don't use it) is that the documentation (help) is not detailed. I tried to record with compression format, and it does not work and what are those motion detection method mean?! Price: Free
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ContaCam ContaCam

Near perfect 4 stars
The only thing I think this application needs is to have a way or setting to change data folder. By doing "move the folder" is kind of dumb to my opinion. I could do it from explorer... It would be best if I could set it to stick drive, external drive or network drive for backup purpose or easy access. Maybe the upgrade can fix it? Price: Free
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Dexpot Dexpot

Nearly perfection...! 4 stars
You have read all the good comments from all others. The only thing I would like to have is to have different desktop icons layout set differently. In other words, if you delete one desktop icon, all other virtual desktops will also be deleted. This is only set back for this program. Otherwise, it will be perfect Price: Free
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Bulk Rename Utility Bulk Rename Utility

Not working for other language files 4 stars
If you have language other than English, it will not work. I have some chinese coding files and when it shows, it will show ????filename. I tried to rename or cut the ? out, but keep getting error. That means.. this utility will not work other language file. Price: Free
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Asterisk Key Asterisk Key

I am impressed! 4 stars
This is good product!! try a couple of password revealed and this one comes very close and best so far. However, for the password, it may not work some browser. IE will definitely work... Price: Free
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Rainlendar Lite Rainlendar Lite

Not bad, but not good enough... 3 stars
What I like.. No installation needed. got some basic feature.. What I think it should be improved. Calendar should be sizable. alarm should let you change tone. Price: Free
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IP Tools (IP Sniffer) IP Tools (IP Sniffer)

This is the best i can get... 4 stars
I tried few Ip scanner program. This is the only one that can return the true MAC addresses (Arp scan from Tools) which I need for my network cards (including Printer jetdirect cards). The interface is not that user friendly, but once you play around with it, this is a pretty good program! Price: Free
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Angry IP Scanner Angry IP Scanner

Not accurate 3 stars
Originally I liked this program, until I compared to the other program, I found out this program does not do exactly what I want. The other ip scanner program could find exactly the mac address, while this one appeared to be able to. I turned out having the result N/A for my printers jet direct cards. So, I think this program is good for certain extent, but not in a full scale. Price: Free
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LookDisk LookDisk

This is the one i was looking for... 4 stars
You can find the files easily with this software. However, one thing I dont like is when you look for size, author of this software put bytes instead of mb or gig. I would rather to see mb as choice. Normally, people search for big files.. hmmm how many bytes are 10 mb? how many 0s???? Price: Free
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Copernic Desktop Search Lite Copernic Desktop Search Lite

Big disappointment 1 stars
I uninstalled right away. I used win2k to test it. It seems okay, but when I do something *, i will get few or htm files, and I can't do *.* - (return invalid query as error) to find out where the large files are . Basically, it doesn't find things with wildcard. In other words, to look for something, you have to know the whole name. * just does not work. Price: Free
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ScreenSaver Druid ScreenSaver Druid

Good, not great, but not bad either... 4 stars
After reading previous two extreme reviews, I thought of downloading and tried for it myself. I realized that it is a good product although it needs some improvement. When it comes to scheduling, I would think of different day and time. However, this program only offer time. It would be better if I could schedule Tuesday for one screensaver, Wednesday for another. Hopefully if there is upgrade, it will work. Other than that, everything seems okay. I think my review should be fair enough. Price: Free
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