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Puran Utilities Puran Utilities

Wow! yes this a really nice deal 5 stars
Wow! Yes this a really nice deal. Just cleaned my PC and really sped things up for me. I think this will be a keeper. Price: Free
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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free

Very good 5 stars
Program to keep the Malware off the PC. I am back and will keep this this time. It just keeps getting better. Price: Free
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RegSeeker RegSeeker

Fantastic program! 5 stars
Regseeker just saved me tons of time removing virus entries in the registry. This is defiantly a keeper. I just cannot believe the ease of use this program supplies. Price: Free
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Wise Program Uninstaller Wise Program Uninstaller

Nice find! 5 stars
I love this uninstaller! It is the best and fastest little uninstaller I have ever used. If you like light and a product that does the job and can do forced uninstalls you will like this one. I thank the other poster for alerting me on this gem. Price: Free
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Smarty Uninstaller Smarty Uninstaller

Pleasantly surprised! 5 stars
This uninstaller is very nice and useful! I was even able to delete some left over folders and files to other installs where I could not uninstall everything. This helped me remove some left over Babylon files and folders. Under tools tab, it is easy to force delete files etc.. This is a wonderful program. This is a keeper! Price: Free Trial ($27.95)
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KeyScrambler Personal KeyScrambler Personal

I like this lite program 5 stars
This is really great to use for a little extra privacy. I love it! It works great w Firefox, although I wish it would work with Pale Moon and SRWare Iron Browser. Price: Free
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Dr.Web CureIt Dr.Web CureIt

Super! 5 stars
This found a virus that others missed as did Malwarebites. I think I will buy the full version now. Price: Free
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Online Armor Free Online Armor Free

I like this firewall 5 stars
This works perfect compared to others I have tried. This program and WinPatrol together allowed me to get rid of all junk active files from,(Rising)after uninstalling. I am surprised this is not more popular. Price: Free
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Puran Defrag Puran Defrag

Finally a free defrag program that works well 5 stars
Finally a defrag program that does the job. This caught me off guard, as I did not expect much. Price: Free
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RISING Antivirus Free Edition RISING Antivirus Free Edition

I am amazed! 4 stars
This has found two hidden viruses already that nothing else was able to find.... doing a full SCAN. I was having numerous problems of late and went to Rising and have not regretted it at all. I may have more thoughts later but for now I am quite happy with it. Price: Free
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Norman Malware Cleaner Norman Malware Cleaner

I like this a lot 5 stars
It has found malware for me when Avast has not. This for me is a keeper and the cost is excellent. FREE Price: Free
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PicPick PicPick

Cool! 5 stars
Those of you with web pages will like this one. For free u cannot do any better. I am just amazed so far! Price: Free
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Auslogics Disk Defrag Auslogics Disk Defrag

This is a keeper! 4 stars
So easy to use and does the Job well! IMO Price: Free
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Win32Pad Win32Pad

Love it 4 stars
Any links are active that you insert. Faults: Setting text the size you choose will set whole document, and there is no bold underline etc.., Otherwise this is so COOL! IMO Price: Free
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Spider Player Pro Spider Player Pro

Great sound! 5 stars
This uses so little resources that it makes me laugh. Just amazing music from this software! I listen to Internet ShoutCast a lot. IMO Price: Free
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Ashampoo Burning Studio Free Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

Please try 5 stars
...... and you will be amazed how beautiful and wonderful easy it is to use! I just tried three other programs and wasted half a day messing with the conflicts and pathetic performance from all of them. I opened this and I couldn't believe my eyes just how easy it was to use! Please try this software for files and folders and what have you and you will not regret it. I would give this software 10 stars .... if I could. Never mind the name of it, as it is the best Free CD/DVD program out there! I just had to writ this review after trying it. I wanted you all to know how well it performs! IMO Price: Free
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Avast Free Antivirus Avast Free Antivirus

Not a memory hog 5 stars
Not a Memory Hog as I have experienced with another software av_. I have always liked avast for the ease of use and updates and I am back and am not using anything else! IMO this is the best of the FreeWare for AntiVirus! Price: Free
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Jarte Jarte

What a cool program! 5 stars
I just love Jarte. Under File options you can use File associations with Jarte if you prefer. I did and now the pages come up super fast. Microsoft Goodbye! I have found a much faster and easier program. It is a small program and I just love it for most of my applications. IMO Price: Free
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PSPad Editor PSPad Editor

This is so cool! 5 stars
I can click on my Detailed Statements and send them to PSPAD and remove sensitive personal information and then put them on a Forum. I find this package to be just amazing! It certainly has made my editing a lot easier! Just love this! IMO Price: Free
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Foxit PDF Reader Foxit PDF Reader

Light and easy to use 5 stars
I use this in combination with Bullzip Printer and just love the combination. I like this light application more than I do PDF Viewer. I had problems with links being active, but not with Foxit PDF Reader! It solved all my issues! Excellent! IMO Price: Free
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Light and easy 5 stars
Little thing. Gives you what you want to know about your PC in a snap! Price: Free Trial ($39.99)
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POP Peeper POP Peeper

Pop peeper, is easy to set up, 4 stars
From the others I have tried. I like the WAV Files you can use with this. I use this with gmail and it alerts me even at night on important Signals. Super! IMO Price: Free
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Free Window Registry Repair Free Window Registry Repair

Just what i needed! 5 stars
I ran the software and everything now runs fantastic. No worries here about eliminating registry's that I need. Very nice! IMO Price: Free
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