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HandBrake HandBrake

Fantastic smooth full featured free 5 stars
I who know nothing about video processing reduced a video file from 14 MB to 1.4 MB in a few minutes, got great quality and had fun. Very intuitive program that gives me the security of knowing I ccan edit videos with the greatest of ease. Thank you to HandBrake. PS - I'd surely pay for this program. Price: Free
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foobar 2000 foobar 2000

Bam right out of box 5 stars
I ditched VLC player monstrosity - too complex, never worked right, and looked for a simple music player. I saw foobar 2000 many years ago and dismissed it 'til I realized all the time and wasted effort trying to get VLC to work simply is not worth it. So, I am very happy that I had 8 cool jazz titles in queue and one playing in about 14 seconds with foobar. If you want artsy fartsy get something else. If you want music get foobar 2000. Price: Free
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EdgeDeflector EdgeDeflector

Recently updated 5 stars
This works out-of-the-box and defeats Bill Gates' theft of my default program choices. The system has changed. There is nothing to select, it just installs. It noted that revisions have been made as recently as Jun 3, 2019 unlike the comments here on SnapFiles. Check it out. Every time Windows updates Gates steals at least my PDF selected program (Fox) and forces an opening in Edge. I hate Edge (and Internet Explorer) so I hope this nifty program continues to work. Price: Free
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PrivaZer PrivaZer

Runs great in 2019 5 stars
Faults: Should have backup registry option on separate GUI. Pros: Ran great on 2 TB modern HD (not like in 2012). Very fast & took about 40 minutes first time. I was astounded how many files it deleted. It freed about 30 GBs of space, too, although I have 1.4 TB and don't need more... The initial re-start saw a few minor issues but was fast and without error. I give this program an A+ and will get the Donor Version. Price: Free
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Ocenaudio Ocenaudio

Most outstanding audio recording system 5 stars
This is the first audio system that I have been able to "master" in 30 years & I've tried 'em all. No instructions from author makes learning more difficult than it should be but there are plenty of Youtube explainer videos to help out. Price: Free
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Clementine Music Player Clementine Music Player

The only player that actually makes a playlist 5 stars
This Clementine player is 100 great. Making a playlist is super easy and flawless. I tried four other players from Snap Files and all were complicated or didn't work. Clementine is intuitive, easy and even asks where you want to save the playlist file. I am very happy I found this on Web Attack. Price: Free
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Greenfish Icon Editor Pro Greenfish Icon Editor Pro

Highly intuitive 5 stars
ONLY regret is this author has apparently not decided to join the big time as I don't see an install option. I ran it from the unzip directory and it works great from there, though. No guessing what to do. Controls are simple and fast. NOTE: If I didn't find the install icon and it was there, please let me know how. Price: Free
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Screencast Capture Lite Screencast Capture Lite

Version 1.6 is now available - problems solve 5 stars
The problems with ver 1.5 have been solved by Cesar Souza - the developer. Price: Free
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1by1 1by1

Up and running in 30 seconds 5 stars
Great little player. So light. I installed it in my Music folder so it doesn't get lost. Features are obvious. Amazing simple great sound and nothing more needs to be done to it. Play on! Price: Free
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CuteRank (Free) CuteRank (Free)

I purchased pro version & it's 100 worthl 1 stars
I downloaded Cuterank from Snapfiles (to me it will always be WebAttack) and used it for a while. The I bought a full version of it through Cuterank and its merchant system Avangate. The PRO version I paid for no longer provided ANY results from Google. I have screenshots of this to prove it. I wrote to Cuterank support three times with no response. Then I wrote to Avangate and got a response that they had forwarded my request for a refund to Cuterank. That was two weeks ago. I have received no refund and NO response from Cuterank. I of course have all emails sent and received AND screenshots showing that Cuterank does not work. I advise you to take this software off of your system. As well, is there any way you can help me get a refund of 59.95? Thanks Price: Free
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PrimoPDF PrimoPDF

Works on windows 10 5 stars
I have been using PRIMO since 2005. Just downloaded new version to test with Windows 10. It works great. I had to uninstall Nitro Pro 8 due to incompatibility issues with Win10. Nitro wouldn't even print let alone save or allow digital signatures, etc. So, back to PRIMO again. :) Price: Free
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KeePass (Classic Edition) KeePass (Classic Edition)

Faultless performance 5 stars
Faultless performance. I used this as a back-up for LastPass - the free online version but, HEY you never know when the net might not be working. Always pays to have a back up especially for really private stuff that you don't want the gov' reading. Price: Free
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NexusFont NexusFont

NexusFont should be your choice 5 stars
I've been in the internet business since '92 and this is the best font manager I have ever used. Give it a try. You'll like it. Price: Free
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Pixeur Pixeur

Excellent color picker & theme strategist 5 stars
The is the second review of this product that I have made. I originally reviewed this software 3 years ago. I have used Pixeur almost daily. It is as close to perfect as one needs to get. Here is my original review (slightly modified): This one fills the bill! Works great on Inspiron 1720 with Vista Home Premium (Now Windows 7 Ultimate). Has the bonus feature of saving the last eight color selections - perfect for switching from WYSIWYG editors to graphic editors without crowding the window. Many other features that are nice. Auto color scheme is great. Click on the right arrow by the scheme and a pop-up appears that you can put on the side-panel to save space - cute idea. All-in-all, a very good product. There is no important feature that is not present on this product. NOTE: I cannot for the life of me understand why the editors rated this product so low. It is a definite 5. Price: Free
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Splitz! Splitz!

Works where Castle will not 5 stars
Splitz has a slider for large images. I could not find this feature on the Castle image splitter. I uninstalled Castle and am sticking with Splitz. Price: Free
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Advanced Email Verifier Advanced Email Verifier

Super fast, super reliable and great support 5 stars
We handle millions of email addresses and needed a reliable independent deduper. We found one with Advanced Email Verifier. The first test we ran was 551K addresses (with seven fields) and it quickly went through the list and provided a great CSV file with the GOOD addresses. Set your search at 30 strings even though it allows 50 as we found this more accurate. Someone even turned off the computer close to the end of the run and no work was lost. This is built like a main battle tank. It uses almost no resources and so you can use your computer for all other tasks without any problem. As for support, I couldn't figure out a couple of steps and asked for support from their forum. I had it back complete with screenshots in less than a day. You emailers out there who want to change world opinion or become a millionaire overnight - this is the tool to start with. I am buying another license as soon as I get my old computer up and working. Price: Free Trial ($99.00)
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Photoscape Photoscape

Simple, intuitive, no-guessing - a dream 5 stars
This software is a dream to operate; flawless. Solves 99% of the typical web design image problems. Price: Free
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Copernic Desktop Search Lite Copernic Desktop Search Lite

Excellent program 5 stars
Just what was needed with more bells and whistles than I would expect for a free program. This lets you monitor your hard drive to ensure that you have what you think you have and nothing more. When space gets tight on your old HD, all of the extra stuff you don't need is easy to find with this. Price: Free
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Great program 5 stars
This jewel is a stand-alone system that gives all the pertinent system information you need. SnapFiles has, in my opinion, under-rated it. It is a 5-star program for anyone who wants to know about their PC. Many other higher-rated programs, for example, cannot tell you what kind of RAM your PC runs - this does. Price: Free
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HTTrack HTTrack

This is as good as it gets 5 stars
You can't find the facilities in downloaders you pay for that you get here for FREE. Don't be a dummy and pay for an inferior item, get this for nada. Price: Free
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Xenu Link Sleuth Xenu Link Sleuth

Excellent software 5 stars
This is excellent software. You do not need to go any further. I tried various other systems and this is by far the bast. Price: Free
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VLC Media Player VLC Media Player

Really rocks! 5 stars
I needed a quick viewer to help with vob to avi conversions I am doing and WinAmp wasn't cuttin' it and I've given up on Windows Media Player years ago. VideoLAN is very, very light and as fully-featured as anyone could want for a video file viewer. It got me through the vob work very quickly and allowed me to easily flit from one file to another. Screen resize is a breeze and, well, you couldn't ask for more. Now VideoLAN has completely replaced WinAmp and I've never figured out how to uninstall Windows Media Player so I'm just stuck with Bill's monstrously pendulous monstrosity. :-) Price: Free
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CoffeeCup Free DHTML Menu Builder CoffeeCup Free DHTML Menu Builder

Completely customizable, perfect in every way 5 stars
CoffeeCup Menu Builder is all a web designer could ask for. Completely customizable. Perfect in every way. The CSS Tab Designer has its strong points and I use it often since downloading. But, it didn't have flexibility with drop-down menues. I looked and looked and finally decided to give CoffeeCup Menu Builder a try. I should have gotten it first. WOW. It customized my horizontal nav bar in just a few minutes, gave me a look I wanted (including use of the site's selected font) and installed easily. This is a MUST have for your design library. Price: Free
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Moffsoft FreeCalc Moffsoft FreeCalc

Moff soft calc is kool! 5 stars
Does everything I ever wanted a calculator to do. Simple (but very capable) PLUS produces that tape you can use to prove up your calculations. GREAT. You should charge $9.95 for this spiffy item. Price: Free
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SuperScan SuperScan

Superscan 4.0 is a quantum leap forward 5 stars
With all due respect to the Editors of SnapFiles, they missed both the rating and recommendation on this item. It is only rated as 4-stars. It should be 5-stars. It is suggested in the review than Version 3.0 might be kept. Such wrong advice. 4.0 is a "quantum leap forward". I have used 3.0 for more than a year and it was excellent software; however, 4.0 does all of what 3.0 can and many, many other tasks such as whois, host discovery and Windows Enumeration. This software replaces three other items I have used in the past to augment SuperScan Version 3.0. Additionally, the item is extremely fast, indeed it is "blisteringly" fast. Finally, fault was found with SuperScan 4.0 producing a text file. I contrarily found that the text file is stored (something 3.0 lacked to my knowledge) and cutting and pasting is easy. If you need to scan ports or IPs - for whatever reason - or find out information about a domain name or IP address, then this is your tool. Price: Free
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RamBooster RamBooster

Half of a dynamic duo - memoinfo and ramboost 5 stars
I was having some RAM problems and began an investigation to reduce the RAM usage. What I came up with that solves my problems is MemInfo which I also reviewed (and gave 5-stars) and RamBoost 2.0. With MemInfo sitting in the taskbar running you have a visual cue on how much RAM is left. When available RAM gets low just click on RamBoost and - using its presets - it will give you up to 75% of your RAM back. Easy and much quicker than going through the geek-names in Task Manager and trying to figure out which unused programs to manually purge from memory. I found that MemInfo uses much less RAM than RamBoost and so decided this dynamic duo fit the bill. In case you're asking, I have a 3.4 Mhz CPU and 1 Gig of RAM. But, I tend to run multiple programs, especially while doing web designs so this solution is really helpful to me. Thanks to SnapFiles for making this available. :-) Price: Free
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MemInfo MemInfo

This program should be called meminfo + 5 stars
It is amazing sometimes what gifts people will make to complete strangers such as me. In this case, the gift is MemInfo which is a handy little tool that give you a "visual" on your task bar of your RAM usage in a nice variety of ways. It just sits there with a number, say 289, so I know that I'm only using 289 about of 1,000 MB of memory. I decided to try the program because I was having some performance issues. Now I know for sure that the problems are not caused by the amount of RAM left and I know this on an on-going basis. Additionally, MemInfo has a quick "memory defragmentation" routine that freed up about 25 MB of RAM and it seems also made the desktop a little quicker. All in all, if knowledge of what your RAM is doing is what you want then this tool will certainly fit your budget (free) and its small footprint won't hurt performance. As a plus, the taskbar graphic is real professional looking, too. Price: Free
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Gsplit Gsplit

G-split is a g-reat program 5 stars
Can you believe it? This program is given away for free. It is so good, quick, complete and reliable that giving it away makes no sense. Snap(files) it up before they start charging for it. You won't regret it. Price: Free
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Papel Papel

This is a fantastic tool for everyone! 5 stars
The idea behind Papel is to give any text author a "palette" into which as many daubs of color as wanted can be added where the "palette" is just a folder and the colors are icons. You can make your icons different - signifying a different purpose - and readily discern the difference. This is the most intelligent design for handling ongoing text projects I have seen in 25 years of computing. The author has limited his description to writers but this can be used by anyone. It answered the exact need I had, incredibly, because I used to keep a text editor open with several projects. Of course in XP the links to each text file join in the task bar, but with Papel you only have one and this makes the selection or creation of new files easily organizable. I'm looking to see if I can change the descriptions of the icons - hope I find it; if not, well the descriptions provided are certainly adequate. Price: Free
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NoteTab Light NoteTab Light

Excellent program 5 stars
This is an excellent program worthy of anyone's use. It has easily understood features and popups for those items that are novel. Price: Free
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Atomic TLD Filter Atomic TLD Filter

Perfect tool for its purpose 5 stars
This is a great tool. Culls unwanted domains quickly. I loaded a large file of email addresses and wanted it broken into smaller files so I wouldn't overload my mail server. I clicked the button and seemingly nothing happened. So, I looked in the designated folder and all the files were already loaded; it worked so fast I didn't see it happen. :-) GREAT TOOL. Price: Free
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SwiffRec SwiffRec

Swiffrec is crazy to make this free :-) 5 stars
This program is great. I truly can't believe it is not charged for. TRUE: I spent about a hundred bucks for a program from Australia that does nothing more than give a few extra buttons. First, the instructions are so simple you can make a great swf file while sleeping. :-) Second, the program makes a wav file that you can check before going to the swf stage. Third, then the program makes your swf file, html page and you're finished except for posting to your website. If you already have a wav file this little hummer lets you drag it on to the GUI to start the process (cool). The author used two GNU programs (including LAME) so the quality of the swf recording is almost IDENTICAL to the wav yet it is only 8% of the size of the wav file. SUGGESTION: Put in (a) an option for a couple buttons and a slider and maybe color selection; and (b) charge a fair price for this, say about $20.00. Anyway, thanks Snapfiles for bringing us another jewel. Price: Free
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CoffeeCup Form Builder CoffeeCup Form Builder

Coffeecup form builder spilled its beans 1 stars
1. No privacy (won't save results to protected folder); 2. Rude tech on chat (told me I had an @ sign in file name when I didn't); 3. Error prone (won't save file - gives error "filename incorrect" for no reason); 3. Won't snap to a grid and alignment is poor; 4. Can't highlight all fields at once (must laboriously click on each one and if you miss dead center on any you have to start over again); 5. Email field does not function (you can denominate the field as "email" and then on the form enter "123" and it accepts this as an email address (hmm, what are these guys thinking)); 6. Can't modify presets such as states to add territories, etc.; 7. Can't set parameters for any field, not even a telephone number; 8. Difficulty putting into an SSL webpage due to coding for flash plugin which must be removed; 9. Instructions full of errors and many omissions; 10. SUMMARY: This program is not worth $34.00. Price: Free Trial ($39.00)
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1st AutoRun Express 1st AutoRun Express

Perfect program - does exactly what it says! 5 stars
This is a great program. The GUI works perfectly. It is not only intuitive, the author thought through some steps and provided solutions. For example, it asks if you wish to use an alternative icon and then guides you through selection of the particular icon you want from your own store of icons. The steps were reduced to the bare minimum and the program set in a quiet state while I arranged some of my files and folders to accommodate the steps. The author of this program got it exactly right and by doing so allowed me to get it exactly right the first time. The idea here is simply to locate a folder and an index.htm page (or other file) that you want to use to show the reader, or listener, of your CDRom, then the folder where everything it to be located. Finally, the program then creates in that folder all of the operating files needed to the CDRom auto-run. The last step is just to burn all of the files in that folder onto your CDRom. Cool and Effective. Price: Free Trial ($49.95)
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Autorun Action Splash Autorun Action Splash

Very poor program - not worth a try 1 stars
Sorry to be tough on this little guy, but it is a waste of time. I went through the instructions very carefully, made myself a beautiful bmp splash file, went through all of the steps of locating the html page to start, etc. THEN, when I pushed the "Finish" button guess what happened? The program disappeared. This little guy needs some serious work before being put on SnapFiles. Save yourself some time, don't bother. [Editor: tested it again today and worked without problems for us] Price: Free Trial ($12.95)
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