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Windows 7 lost directory found! 5 stars by arakin69345 May 16, 2012
This has been a lifesaver. I was clearing out an external hard drive, onto a main hard drive on my windows 7 machine, cut-and-paste. I copied over 122 Gig of data, with a lot of sorting of it into various subfolders, a days work. In the morning, the WHOLE directory wasn't showing, yet a few files were there from a different directory (strange, I know). I Did not delete it, or empty any recycle bin, it was just missing! Luckily I have a spare hard drive with lots of spare capacity. While I love MediaRecover on Macs, I struggled to find a program for PC's. This worked a treat, I knew what the directory was called (The route directory that was missing on my PC hard drive), so searched for it, split-second reply, then successfully recovered onto new drive, so as not to overwrite the data, 122 Gig in under 20 mins! Thank you sooooo much! This program is very very effective! (You do need to right click on the program and click 'Run as administrator' as another post suggested). show Review details
Error in restoration 3.2.13 in usb key disks 4 stars by gilles.nibart517 Mar 29, 2012
When executed on an USB key disk used Restoration (3.2.13) aborts and leave the FAT32 broken down, while with a real disk it works fine. It has been tested with several USB keys (Emtec or Attach) under Windows XP SP3 Home. So the software needs a new version. show Review details
Had lost all my data 5 stars by manjudew75 Mar 29, 2012
I had lost almost all the data I did in the office from last 6 months right days before submitting it. Thanks god. And then this software, small, easy and reliable recovered my 6 months back. Thanks a million... show Review details
Smallville lost, smallville found! 4 stars by mortenhbay910 Feb 21, 2012
I had used the last couple of months ripping my DVDs of Smallville to my hard drive, in several copies. Today, my hard drive was filled, and I decided to remove all the unnecessary files that I had in separate folders. Realising only too late that I had just deleted the wrong files. However it seems that the files were too far gone already. Anyways I will recommend this to anyone willing to try something similar. I feel like crying. show Review details
Amazing! 5 stars by lindsayanne16 Jun 01, 2011
I was just switching to a new computer and transferred all my files and then did a backup on those. For some reason my backup went a little crazy and froze... Well later in the day I went to open a file for a novel I'm currently working on and am ALMOST finished and guess what? It wasn't there!!! The copy on the backup was corrupted and wouldn't open either.... WHAT? I started crying and felt like all was lost. That was months and hours of work I couldn't recreate! But I downloaded Restoration and it found the original file! THANK YOU! show Review details
Didn't work on my formatted cf card 1 stars by HipCat May 08, 2011 (Read all my 2 reviews)
This an older release, and it didn't work. I accidentally formatted my CF card. This tool found NOTHING. I then tried another freeware utility which restored my files in minutes directly off the source location on the CF card installed in my Nikon D300. show Review details
Fantastic product and its free 5 stars by bananna Jan 20, 2011
I accidentally deleted 180 PDF's off my thumb drive. For 2 months I kept the thumb drive unused and in a safe place until I finally came across this free program . I recovered all my files with no problems. I can't imagine having to find and download all those research papers again. Yay for Restoration! show Review details
Omg this saved my a** 4 stars by Vince661 Nov 30, 2010
I was using Adobe Encore to preview some themes and I accidentally created a project with the same name as my overall project folder and despite the warning which wasn't clear, I clicked OK to deleting the folder! It's a stupid thing in Encore and should be changed... Regardless, I panicked. Hours upon hours of work went into these files. The folder didn't even go to the Recycle Bin, it simply disappeared! I was seriously contemplating having to explain to the people that hired me for three huge video jobs that I needed another 2 weeks... not pretty. My fault for not backing up to an external more often too. So, Restoration is "restoring" all of the deleted files and for that I can't thank this little piece of software enough! show Review details
Didn't work for me 4 stars by iAmEKMA Sep 27, 2010 (Read all my 6 reviews)
I have to give it good stars, but, I do so hesitantly. Meaning, this software may work for some of you. It didn't for me. Of course, I don't fully fault the software as it was able to find some items I had deleted eons just didn't find the one I deleted (which was less than a week ago). Hope it works for certainly can't hurt. show Review details
Great program, slow but it gets the job done. ... 5 stars by NCC1701 May 15, 2010
Great program, slow but it gets the job done. Trying to transfer 15gb of data to an external hard drive, I come back to find 95% of it is gone. So i download restoration and run it from a USB drive. Although it is still running now, i have tested a few recovered files, MP3s and Pictures, and they are all fine. Great program although a bit slow. Has been going for around 11 hours, and it has recovered 12gb out of 15gb show Review details
Accidentally formatted my SD card 5 stars by Woodzie May 05, 2010
I had accidentally formatted my SD card on my Canon digital camera. Didn`t know what software to use to restore my data. I first of all bought a program for 40 called Digital Media Recovery by Disk Doctors. It attempted to restore some of my pictures and movie files but did a rubbish job particularly when restoring movies. I found this Restoration software on the web for FREE and it recovered almost all of my videos without any corruption! An absolutely outstanding product. Do not waste your time on any other product such as Disk Doctors or Card Recovery. Use this instead. The only drawback to this product is that you have to restore each individual file separately and can`t restore a selection. But hey, it`s free! show Review details
Gets the job done 5 stars by Chandan Mar 22, 2010
Very simple, easy to use application. And it gets the job done. show Review details
A minimal but really practical tool 5 stars by jtania73 Mar 21, 2010 (Read all my 8 reviews)
I really appreciated this little tool. It has only the minimal set of features you need to recover deleted files, but it does the work very well. It is the fastest way to do this task, very small, no installation, lightweight. show Review details
Simple but not really usable 2 stars by fpcjvoye Jan 19, 2010
OK, sometimes it helps. But it happened several times that it was not able to restore my file which was deleted few hours before. show Review details
Excellent freeware 4 stars by GlasgowStuart Nov 14, 2009
For a freeware product this is very, very good. My 2 year old son managed to get his hands on our digital camera a delete ALL our recent holiday and family birthday snaps... Within 5 minutes of downloading Restoration we had everything recovered and back-up up onto our home PC. The interface is functional - though with this level of functionality does it need to be anything more? Delighted! show Review details
Oh my god! It worked! 5 stars by tazoz77 Sep 30, 2009
It saved my document! It worked! After checking the recycle bin, trying to find the document in the temp directory, trying to auto-recover using Word and using many other methods that failed, this brilliant program scratched the previous document (because Word messed up the last version and then deleted it) off the spinning spindle of my hard disk... I can't believe it's free. The author of this program is an angel, a messiah. I would vote him for president... Thank you Thank you Thank you You lifted me up from the pits of despair, weeping, sobbing and cursing myself for not printing hard copies every 20 seconds... For a more serious review: the interface was smooth and simple, it explained itself as you went along, giving you all sorts of options to filter your search and sort the results. It worked fast and well. Did I mention thank you? show Review details
Best of the best 5 stars by topaz18046 Aug 18, 2009 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Downloaded a movie around 900 meg. Accidentally deleted it before burning it. Getting ready to slash the wrists when I stumbled on Restoration. This would have to be the best tool on the internet. Within 20 seconds I had it back. show Review details
Great but not the best 4 stars by gimpguy Sep 22, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I feel this is excellent at restoring but didn't do any more than others I've used and actually is quite a bit slower. It's still better than some others though so really, it's an in between recovery app to me. Still would recommend it though and can't beat the price. show Review details
This little thing is great 5 stars by EricPost Jun 08, 2008 (Read all my 10 reviews)
I can't tell you how many times it saved my butt, it got files off of my hard drive, and my flash drive and even my camera. It's scary as I had a ten year old computer and I got files off the computer from 1998 intact. Shows how much isn't deleted. It is so small it runs on a floppy Great!! Try this first. show Review details
Keep this ready for when you need it 5 stars by VikingMan May 09, 2008 (Read all my 15 reviews)
I love these kind of apps - lightweight, simple, and incredibly useful. Everyone should have this utility sitting on your desktop, USB drive, or somewhere handy. Come the day when you wipe a file from the recycle bin by accident, use Restoration to get it back (hopefully). Thanks to the author for a wonderful tool. show Review details
Won't scan a thumbdrive? 4 stars by windstrings Sep 08, 2007
Although it works great "from" a thumbdrive to scan any other drive, I could not get it to scan the thumbdrive without getting an error. I'm using a new 4 gig cruzer sandisk drive. Maybe its not supposed to recover from a thumbdrive, but it would sure be nice if it would. It seemed like it started but maybe the file transfer was too slow causing it to error?... only a guess. Thumbdrives are very popular now... we really need that support too. show Review details
Lifesaver 5 stars by Azguard98 Aug 20, 2007 (Read all my 18 reviews)
I lost all the pics on my camera's memory card. With this program, I got all of them back. Warning: As with any recovery program, do NOT write to the source that you want to recover from prior to recovery. I.E. don't take more pictures after formatting you camera's memory card if you want to recover those images. show Review details
This rescued all my photos 5 stars by DThurston Aug 07, 2007
I thought I had lost my huge picture file and was frantic. I found a recommendation for Restoration, downloaded it, and had my photos restored within minutes. The program was extremely easy to use. show Review details
Excellent utility - just what i needed! 5 stars by brisnicki Feb 04, 2007
I think this app is excellent. I accidentally deleted all my email from the past 10 years from my computer so this app was a God-send. It is very easy to use (point it to the drive where the file was and it will look for it). And it works like a charm. Only thing about the interface that I didn't love was that I could only restore one file at a time. I would have loved to be able to select all the files I want to restore and hit one button. (Maybe you can do this and I used it wrong, I dunno.) But that aside, the result was fantastic! I got everything back as if nothing happened. I also got to have a peak of what used to live on my hard-drive - so may be this is a handy app for spouses with suspicions ;) Thanks Brian, you made my day! show Review details
Thank you brian kato 5 stars by pathat Nov 04, 2006
Very easy to use show Review details
Best restoration software yet!! 5 stars by Dude111 Oct 18, 2006
I have a list of the BEST software i have ever found and when i found this,i added it to the list!! Is there a way to WIPE only selected files instead of the whole drive?? (Takes 12 hours or so) This program rocks! Thanx Brian! show Review details
2 thumbs up!!! 5 stars by rosellor Aug 31, 2006
I have compared restoration to other similar programs and they all fell short to restore. I was able to restore pictures that were previously deleted by other so called strong delete programs. yet when i deleted it with restore. it was totally gone. I'm not saying this is the best one out there but from what i have come across, as far as freeware goes - i give it the proverbial 2 thumbs up! show Review details
Simple and fast recovery tool 5 stars by CGENSE Aug 24, 2006
Thanks Brian, I used your software for recovering a 4GB Notes it took less than 20 minutes. Very effective. Best regards. show Review details
Everything needed 5 stars by LuisPuche Aug 06, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Loading...loading...end it takes long for it to work. but it is great... everything you expect it does it job im a bit sad becouse i coldny find 1 of the files for the rest it works show Review details
Seemed to locate files, but restoring? 3 stars by dkny4773 Jul 01, 2006 (Read all my 4 reviews)
Could be improved in several ways - should have a better method of specifying types of files to locate and restore. Also, I found that after waiting for it to restore a large number of mpeg files, none of them worked. Didn't do the job for me. show Review details
Great quality utility! 4 stars by ErikBertrand Jun 28, 2006
Excellent utility, great at undeleting files -- better than others that are freeware. Just wish it could undelete more than one file at a time. show Review details
Great!! 5 stars by ryoichan Jun 03, 2006
All movie files were recovered. Great! show Review details
Don't bother! 2 stars by dhemil May 25, 2006
I deleted a 50+mb directory, it found every directory and all jpg's and vid files. It even told me the location and how big the file was. When you 'undelete' the file, it makes you think everything will be undeleted and working again. Think again! This piece of software is limpware, it is rubbish! No file was useable and when it did undelete a directory, even though it says it contains files etc. It doesn't. This would have to be one of the worst freeware titles I have used to date. Just because you can see what you deleted, doesn't mean you can recover it! Keep away from it and find something better. show Review details
Verry good 5 stars by 41149512 Apr 15, 2006
This is the best overall file recovery tool I have seen. It is portable, and can be run off of a USB flash drive or floppy. show Review details
Easy to use and straight forward tool 4 stars by EMendes Mar 20, 2006
It does what it promises to do! Not full featured but, as far as I as been able to test, it does the job. show Review details
Garbage! just doesn't work! 1 stars by tomcat Feb 24, 2006 (Read all my 16 reviews)
I tried an experiment and deleted some music files. I used the program and tried to recover the songs and it apparently did so, but when I went to play them back, they were all screwed up. It was just garbled up noise. Beeps and screeching and not one of the songs was recovered in a playable state. In other words, it is useless! If it can't even recover a song, how can you try to recover anything else. Sorry, but this is crap! show Review details
Tried the restoration file rescue... 1 stars by wolfgang Feb 02, 2006
Tried the restoration file rescue utility and couldn't get it to find anything! i even tried "search all clusters" and had the 2 boxes checked. i even deleted a file from the recycle bin and run the program again with the exact name of the file and still nothing! maybe i'm just missing something here, but there are no help files or support that i can find. suggestions welcome. thanks, wolfgang show Review details
Excellent free undelete tool 4 stars by DavidLandy Jan 24, 2006
Easy to install and use, works like a charm, and it's free! What more can I say? Five stars. show Review details
A true life saver 5 stars by NiteHawke Jan 19, 2006
I had a piece of mal-ware delete several directories, taking several hundred files. This program found and recovered a vast majority of them where a commercial undelete utility couldn't do the job. The only files I was unable to recover were a few mp3s that were corrupted after the recovery. (Fortunately, I still have the CD's to make new mp3s of those songs) show Review details
Excellent program. 4 stars by Anticanalla Jan 13, 2006
A very useful program, easy to use, easy interface and great results. Give it a try. show Review details
I'm so relieved 4 stars by geemzee Dec 30, 2005
This program saved my mp3 and picture collections after i accidentally deleted them. i highly recommend using this program. It's a little intimidating at first but thats because it's actually really simple to use and doesn't bombard the user with useless features. Just get your files hasslefree. Also a note to those complaining about not being able to select multiple files, just look for the root directory of the files you want and restore it. show Review details
Amazing 5 stars by Shinra Dec 30, 2005 (Read all my 5 reviews)
Being the total klutz that I am, I accidentally deleted a folder full of my artwork... while pressing shift. So I did what I always do; I turned on my computer, got on Snapfiles, and bingo, there was this. I love you, Brian! show Review details
Thank you! 5 stars by Deborah Dec 09, 2005
The power cord on my laptop went today. I have an Ebay business and this weekend is my biggest of the year. 90 new pictures for my auctions were on my computer, but I could not get them! With only a couple tries I managed to get them all off of my camera after deleting them last night. I never think programs are going to work and usually I'm right. But, thank goodness this one did! show Review details
Small, easy to use, free! 5 stars by Ghost_grey Dec 01, 2005 (Read all my 56 reviews)
The bad thing about it is i deleted an .asf movie file and it cant find it. :( but it seems to find other stuff quite well, also alot lot lot better than some others, just missing key features, but for the size (90 kb), speed and price it's just nice, should never be with out it. To the author please add support for .asf files this is great tool. sadly i still am not recover my movies :( show Review details
Fantastic freeware! 5 stars by deveau Nov 23, 2005
I tried about a dozen undelete programs over a period of 3 hours tonight. I accidentally deleted a 13 MB zip file that I thought was a duplicate, but in fact was my ONLY copy! Although most of the other programs told me the file could be restored, none of them would actually restore it unless I purchased the full version. The only OTHER free product did not find my file. But "Restoration" saved the day and recovered my file flawlessly and instantly (some other products were much slower). I'm super pleased with this product and this company! show Review details
Just what i needed 4 stars by CUFirebird Oct 10, 2005
[Facts:] I spent hours on download websites and P2P programs, but everything was huge and charged big dollars. This program really is free, easy, small, and effective. The interface isn't refined, but it gets the job done. [Story:] I downloaded another program that allowed me to restore 1 meg of files. I used Restoration for everything it could restore, and for what it couldn't I tried the other program. Although the other program had great graphics and would have charged $100/gig, it couldn't do any better than Restoration. What a life saver Restoration was. show Review details
Very powerful 5 stars by lotron Oct 04, 2005 (Read all my 2 reviews)
2 great aditional qualities: 1st - It is small one 2nd - It should not be installed before and it is possible to run from CD! It is basis of Your `PC First Aid Kit`. show Review details
I'm stylin'... 4 stars by JenIsStylin Oct 03, 2005
Given the situation that I'm working in, this little, yet smart tool helped save this day! An ex-colleague suddenly departed and decided to delete all of her files as her last official duty. Having quickly gotten over this frustration, I happened upon the SnapFiles web site and the Restoration tool. I don't know who I should kiss first, I'm s-o-o-o giddy with joy! Now I know why they escort disgruntled ex-employees out of the building... Hmmm... show Review details
Excellent tool 4 stars by acarlson Sep 24, 2005
Almost 95% of my files were recovered very quickly!!!! show Review details
Brian kato is my hero 5 stars by tmalone Sep 06, 2005
Restoration saved me! The programme is quick to download and easy to use. Given the panic I was in, it was important to get my files back quickly. After saying yes to "Are you sure you want to permanently delete these files?", I thought, this is it, 135,000+ files gone. Restoration brought them all back quickly and neatly. And thus Brian Kato is my hero. show Review details
No complaints 5 stars by elhombreplatano Jul 27, 2005 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Ok, to all the people who complained: you do realize YOU deleted the files? You realize "delete" means forever? The simple fact that this program can recover a deleted file is amazing and worth so much! Who cares how many clicks you have to make? Who cares if the interface isnt pretty? This program saves lives I tell you. Excellent, fantastic, wonderful. A true life-saver. The author should put up a paypal account for donations, I'd be glad! show Review details
Wow! 5 stars by lenso82 Jun 29, 2005
This program saved all my work that I accidentally deleted. Great program! Run the program on a different drive than where you deleted files, also save the recovered files onto a different drive to prevent overwriting. show Review details
Restoration tip 4 stars by Ravxvi Jun 22, 2005
I found this program extremely helpful and quite fast. But there are some features missing, like multiple file select (so that you don't have to click a few hundred times to restore up a few hundred files). I found a solution for this though; use this: . With this program you can automate the filecopy-process. show Review details
Hard to beat this one! 4 stars by Barfup Jun 13, 2005
Ladies and gentlemen, this little utility program is in a special class. Takes a little time to recover multiple files, but when you thought you had lost them forever, you'll be happy to take the time to bring them back to life. A tremendously huge thank you for this gift to the world. God bless! show Review details
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