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It just works 5 stars by jcherish53167 Jan 21, 2014
I was just about ready to re-load the OS as the computer was having major problems connecting even the normal commands used in netsh only cleared it temporarily. Sure I could have found the registry entries myself and reset them but this tool saved me hours of work on an XP box located the entries and changing them back. My advice to users of adware software do not install these crappy software tools you find on the internet they will mess up your machine fortunately this simple tool fixed it in less than a minute. I have added this tool to my XP toolbox. Best of all the price is FREE show Review details
Life saver 5 stars by buster.bladerelf794 Oct 20, 2012
Its the first time i am leaving a review on any site... This one deserves it... give this software a shot if there is any internet connectivity issue especially winsock setting or something like that ... cheers show Review details
Woot! 5 stars by Vegetaabridged772 May 23, 2012
Worked like a charm, free, and now I'm back to business! show Review details
Saved my hiney 5 stars by ptc14112 May 01, 2012
I have never registered on a site to leave a review -- but I was so pleased and impressed that I had to do it. Paid 24.95 to renew a certain "Pro" version of a well-known malware program... Couldn't access the internet with my desktop nor my tablet, so I did some searching on my smartphone and found this fix. Drove to my office and downloaded the simple (yet action-packed) 1.37 MB file onto my thumbdrive. Drove home, loaded it, re-boot ... voila! Internet was running in about 5 minutes flat. Spent nearly two days of fooling around with DOS fixes and useless software. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! show Review details
Excellent program 5 stars by sheila1955101756 Apr 08, 2012
My Windows XP stopped accessing the internet for no apparent reason. All my services had stopped so it was driving me mad. I spent my whole day off trying to fix it and after sorting the services out i could not fix the internet. I tried everything online using my other comp but couldn't fix it. I then found out that it was the winsock that was giving me problems so i did a search and this website came up with the solution. It has now been repaired.... Many many thanks. show Review details
It works when nothing else did! 5 stars by doug473243 Dec 27, 2011
Solved the IE8 and Mozilla Firefox sluggish loading issues. Instantly. Read my other review for details. show Review details
Saved me from a reinstall - thanks! 5 stars by mikeybouy597 Dec 03, 2011
I'd spent hours running into dead ends following MS suggestions on how to fix this, and this one little app just did it in seconds. Thanks! show Review details
Recovered from malware 5 stars by Wagner66 Jun 07, 2011
After removing a malware program, I could not go to google, yahoo, bing or blogger. Other sites worked ok. Pinging returned (paraphrasing) "Unable to connect to IP server, error 2" but pinging other sites worked ok. This program fixed the problem. Thank you. show Review details
Excellent program! 5 stars by decker0311 Apr 14, 2011
I had just purchased a used computer and after doing a full system restore and fixing all authentication issues, the connectivity was still bad. I downloaded this program, ran it and rebooted my computer and now the internet works great! I HIGHLY recommend this program for anyone who has run out of ideas on how to get their internet working. An excellent program and according to my antivirus, not a single piece of spyware, Trojan ware or virus is attached to the file. Well done! show Review details
Worked first time 5 stars by Millsey Apr 10, 2011
Worked the first time - restored IE and Firefox to working order - excellent show Review details
Brilliant! 5 stars by cdarke Apr 08, 2011
So simple, so why didn't I think of it? It almost saved by sanity, but was a little too late for that. show Review details
Saved my network connection many times 5 stars by zippyze Feb 27, 2011
There were several times when I thought I would have to reinstall my network when XP couldn't fix the problem but WinSock XP Fix did it every time show Review details
Everything is perfect now!!! 5 stars by LorriAnne Sep 25, 2010
I think this is the easiest thing I have ever done online when it came to fixing my computer. I left my puter with so-called friends for three months when I went to Bolivia, and all they had access to was the guest account. They had to have done something because ever since I got it back, it's been screwy. Can't wait to get back to work on my puter and see if it's got it's old charm still. I noticed Gmail loaded right up instead of the usual 'This is taking longer than usual' message. I agree with whoever said everyone should have this software. It's a must, ended a three month long search for me. The tech guy at Frontier told me we went through all the problems he sees in a day's work, just with me, and it took us two hours just to get connectivity back. To who made this, thank you a million times. You are an angel! show Review details
Awesome - saved my tail 5 stars by spamless May 09, 2010
I was trying to get Internet connectivity working again on an XP machine I am rescuing from the mothball fleet. I spent hours futzing around to no avail. Finally in desperation I typed into Google "fix XP Internet Connectivity" and got to this program immediately. Within two minutes all was fixed. (It only took that long because I needed to reboot!) Thanks, guys. show Review details
Instant fix 5 stars by Lochiel May 02, 2010
Used this program for the first time today on an occasional XP problem: certain sites (eBay, online credit card) won't open. In the past [ipcofig /flushdns] sometimes worked, but not today. Instant fix after reboot with Winsockxpfix. Many thanks! show Review details
Saved my ass ! 5 stars by nzAyran Apr 06, 2010
Finally got my Wifi connection back, after `hours` of trying other methods! Thank you!! show Review details
This app did the trick! 5 stars by morrayp Mar 29, 2010
After several hours pondering a no connect situation, this app did the trick! I'm amazed. show Review details
Great 5 stars by ronliso Mar 07, 2010
Product worked extremely well. I have added it to my tools discs. show Review details
Another success 4 stars by Girvian Feb 12, 2010
It did the job, which is what counts. Its registry backup facility would not work for me (but one can do that easily oneself). show Review details
Solved my missing IP address. 5 stars by JPalma Dec 31, 2009
I was so frustrated with my computer- i couldn't find a ip address since the drivers installed had an issue. I researched for hours online trying to find an answer, i downloaded the proper drivers from manufacturer site on another PC and transferred them to the damaged one- it didn't work, then i called tech support only to tell me that my warranty expired. As a last resort i was about to get rid of the computer but one day i was searching on Google and this program appeared. i downloaded it to my flash drive copied it to the troubled desktop and ran the program, i was a little hesitant that the program would not work because it ran so fast. But anyways i rebooted than BOOM it recognized my Ethernet cable, ip address issue, and now i am using the desktop to type this review. So do not abandon all hope try this program it may work for you too! show Review details
A solution to a compter IP address problem 5 stars by palmagma Dec 29, 2009
After an exhausting week trying in vain to fix an IP address problem on a desktop computer running Windows XP, I was referred to Winsock XP Fix by a contributor to CNET. The fix was instant and appears to be 100% effective. My old COMPAQ desktop can once again communicate with the internet via a wireless network. show Review details
It just works! 5 stars by jextuens Dec 11, 2009 (Read all my 38 reviews)
This is like penicillin for an ailing PC. It has saved mine on more than one occasion. If your web browser suddenly starts to go haywire, this can very likely fix the problem. show Review details
Omg fixed so fast 5 stars by takklk2 Nov 15, 2009
I had worked on a problem after installing an anti spy program that deleted an adware thing I thought was spyware. It would not connect soon after that. I uninstalled everything I had done...lost the ability to repair and replace this. But I did not know what it was did a search and finally found this after 4 hours...took me 15 secs to burn a disc and fix the computer..thanks thanks thanks! show Review details
Good program worked for me 5 stars by CollateralDamage Nov 02, 2009
Good Program. Fixed my connection problems with Firefox on dial-up connection. It took forever to establish a connection. Also, pages on eBay wouldn't fully load. Partial loading and then hang for minutes. Had to create a System Restore point before running this program because the registry backup feature wouldn't work for me. Did that, ran program, and Firefox connects right away again. Ebay pages load completely. I think Adaware and Spybot change too many settings when you delete what they find and this screws up your connection and settings. This program fixed my connection. I'm running Windows XP SP3, Firefox 3.0.13. (FF 3.5 sucks) show Review details
Does the job! 5 stars by BOHIKER Oct 17, 2009 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I was having a problem downloading part of McAfee security package. It was constantly trying to download, but always failed. I tried several registry tools but it didn't help. I figured I didn't have anything to lose by trying this program. After downloading and clicked "run", it immediately cleared up the problem. The McAfee security then downloaded without any problem. I have downloaded other Snapfiles programs that have been very useful. A very useful website. show Review details
An extra benefit 5 stars by larrytrx Sep 21, 2009
This program restored the connectivity to my favorite site which had been lost for several days. I'd spent several hours following other suggestions as to how to get back onto the site and none of the other methods worked. WinsockXP Fix took about three minutes to download, install and run, and I'm back onto my favorite site. Also, it seems that the startup programs load much faster when booting my computer. Very nice program. show Review details
Add this to your toolbox... 5 stars by TimGelvin Sep 09, 2009
Worked perfect right out of the box... show Review details
Awesome 5 stars by jethro Aug 25, 2009
After about 2 hours on the phone with Time Warner "tech" support a different technician diagnosed the problem in a matter of moments and said it was beyond them to fix it - she suggested a WinSock fix. I found SnapFiles saved it to a working computer and then to a thumb drive. I then plugged the thumb drive into the "broken" laptop and in less than 10 seconds I was up and running with no action required on my part other than to restart which I don't even think was necessary. Things usually never go this easy so I would say this is one of the BEST FIXES I have ever used. A Great Fix. show Review details
OMG thank you for this utility! 5 stars by donnar Aug 11, 2009
I was going crazy trying to get any browser to connect to the internet and this worked like a charm!! show Review details
Perfect fix :) 5 stars by davidvdesign Jun 17, 2009
After removing multiple virus/trojan and malware from a Toshiba Satellite 1400-s151 it lost all network connectivity. After a couple hours of troubleshooting and removing and installing network drivers I found this tool and had the problem fixed in 45 seconds. Kudos to the creators of this tool! show Review details
A fix at last! 5 stars by scubsta May 10, 2009
After fruitless hours with the geek squad, searching on line and trying different fixes, this solved my problem with "TCP/IP network transport is not installed" and not being able to connect to the internet. Thank you so much. My wife thanks you too! show Review details
It works! 5 stars by andypandy May 04, 2009
First rate program, very small, very easy to use, and....IT WORKS. show Review details
Awesome! 5 stars by damnhot5 Apr 29, 2009
After removing an adware virus, I lost all connection. I was about to image my computer until I found this program. I installed it, prayer, and holy crap, it worked! Great program! show Review details
WOW this software is the best! 5 stars by webxstudios Apr 28, 2009
WOW this software is the best! I tried for over a week to get a connection to the net after removing a virus from my laptop I finally found this software and it was connected in seconds. What a great product I cant believe its FREE! show Review details
Good still 5 stars by gimpguy Apr 17, 2009 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
After all this time, still no issues and love this that I had to post again. As to the person below, it's either caused from a bad dll, ms update, trojan or virus, or drivers or simply messed up settings to begin with, could even be a hardware issue. Winsock fix is used to correct these errors, not cause them. There is something else going on, or you messed up your own settings aside from what winsock fix tried to do. I still love winsock fix, works great. Just sent a copy of link to father in law, who has no computer skill, used it, got reconnected, saved me hours on the phone! Thank you winsock fix! show Review details
Caused errors 1 stars by ChrisBowker Apr 16, 2009
After running this 'Fix' everytime I boot my computer, I get the following error message: svchost.exe - Application Error - Generic host process for win32 services has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. I'm running XP Pro SP3 and apart from a minor network problem, every thing worked well before applying this 'Fix'. After several days of fruitless searching for a resolution, I'm going to have to rebuild my comp from scratch. show Review details
Fixed internet access when isp could not 5 stars by LisaBC Apr 11, 2009
Awesome utility. When our laptop stopped connecting to the internet, and we worked with the ISP tech department (who thankfully ruled out a host of other potential problems) - they hit a dead end. Not wanting to spend $150 for more for more in depth tech support, I found this utility online. It worked! I downloaded it to a USB drive from my desktop, copied it over to the laptop, ran the backup utility provided to back up the registry (although it did give some error messages so I'm not sure the backup worked) and ran the fix utility. Within 5 minutes, the laptop was online again! Thank you!!! show Review details
Very useful 5 stars by xemutz Mar 06, 2009
This is a software which you need to repair your internet connection. Very useful and very-very simple and free show Review details
Thank you! 5 stars by osamako Mar 05, 2009
It did solve my problem Thank you! show Review details
Miracle 5 stars by kermohio Feb 19, 2009
Been working on a machine for 4 days before I found this utility. Worked great... automatically connected to the network when I rebooted. show Review details
Worked like a charm 4 stars by Righteousrog Jan 28, 2009
I was working on a friend's 6 year old computer, with WinXP on it. Dude has dial-up and has never done an update. Didn't have virus protection. I installed PC Tools AntiVirus and found three adware trojans. I removed them with PC Tools. After removing them I was unable to communicate at all with the network card. I downloaded WinsockXPFix on a spare laptop, transferred to this computer, and copied it over. Ran the software...rebooted as requested...and like magic my network was back. Little hint, it will replace your hosts file, so back it up if you have anything in the file that you can't track down. show Review details
When you need it, you need it bad 5 stars by ShinyGirl Jan 02, 2009 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Can't believe this was officially rated only 3 stars, especially considering how many people it has helped! Simple and great fix for the average user for a problem that no other utility I know of addresses. I would give it 10 stars if I could. Everyone who uses Windows XP should keep a copy of this utility handy. Congratulations to the developer and a sincere thank you! show Review details
A must 5 stars by Zundapp Dec 02, 2008 (Read all my 8 reviews)
Definently recommended show Review details
Winsock xp fix will save your sanity 5 stars by GtownGuy Sep 16, 2008
After performing a software subscription update (by PC Tools Spyware Doctor), I was left without an internet connection and experienced a failed TCP/IP problem like the many others who have kindly commented and recommended this software (WinSock XP Fix). After spending hours and hours of troubleshooting and searching the internet for a working solution (thankfully by using another connected computer tha still worked), I finaly tried this software... and literally within just a few minutes... my system was completely restored to full internet, print-sharing, and email functionality. This software did all the work for me and it was so simple to use. I was at my wit's end, but this software saved my sanity as well as my system. Thank you to all those that made this software possible and available as a free download - You guys REALLY made my day!!! I HIGHLY recommend this software. Thank you! show Review details
Fixed within seconds!!! ... 5 stars by IciseH Aug 09, 2008
Fixed within seconds!!! show Review details
Saved my day! 5 stars by domagoj Jul 30, 2008
My computer got infected over updated NOD32, and the infection did something to my Windows XP pro SP2 TCP/IP stack. After the cleaning of the infection, I think it was called Webhancer something, TCP stack was left busted. After unsuccessful manual reset of tcp stack with netsh I was ready to reinstall XP, what is a horrific thing to do on my dev machine I found this fix, and my TCP/IP is working again. Thank you, thank you and thank you. show Review details
Saved my bacon. 5 stars by lowtechdude May 21, 2008
This tool solved my internet issue very quickly. I spent too much time trying to resolve it by myself. I could ping a web page but could not see it. "This page cannot be displayed" or "server not found" errors had me calling my ISP and router support to no avail. Time from download to repair and back online less than 15 seconds. Excellent freeware. show Review details
Not for service pack 3 ! 1 stars by s1ipp3ry May 15, 2008 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Ok so you just installed service pack 3 for Windows XP and you came across this little number thinking why not it cant do any harm ? ... think again Windows will not know who you are when you next go to update anything from their site and also your system will have faults in starting up and you will get warnings. show Review details
Wow WinsockFix! 5 stars by chicagoUser May 13, 2008
Wow WinsockFix! After removing a spyware, I lost internet's midterms and I was without internet for about a week (I need internet for my study)! At first I was a little hesitant and thought I didn't want to download yet another program that might again screw up with my computer, but after reading all the reviews, I went ahead and downloaded it - into another computer and used a flash drive to move it to my network-less computer!! It took just two seconds!! first time rebooted with no connection, second time I re-entered network key and bingo!! I'm so happy!! Thanks to whoever wrote that program, you really helped me and for free!! show Review details
Awesome !! 5 stars by Eric63368 May 02, 2008
Worked flawlessly. Now the Wife can quit B!#@#in. show Review details
Couldn't browse website unless i used ip addr 5 stars by firehorse Apr 25, 2008
I could browse ip addresses but not domain names e.g Nslookup gave me ip addresses I could browse to but ping couldn't find them. I tried explicitly changing dns addresses on my computer. I tried ipconfig /release followed by /renew. I tried netsh int ip reset. I tried lspfix. After 3 hours of trying different things winsockxpfix sorted it. Great piece of software. Thanks to the guy to wrote it! show Review details
Peer guardian 2 and protowall installed! 5 stars by Jpesker Feb 20, 2008
"This great program is NOT just for "dead networks". My Network Places was acting strange, would show no computers, then I get one network working, and another would stop. Many, many hours later (and I just fixed this 2 months ago on a different HD), I would have have random boots from my DSL, comm. programs like PG2 would work, then crash, or install one, and network is dead, etc. Now, 2 months later a virus wipes out my C: partition (thanks again Norton Corp 10 for saving me ), anyway, before I get too off track, I uninstalled Client for Microsoft Networks, Printer Sharing under Network, and got it working(or so I thought). I managed to go into the long hard job of "trying" to remove OLD network cards still lingering in my registry (still binded to Protowall). So, I finally used this program again as a last resort, and all is super-duper again, XP networks r up and running, with My Network Places actually showing all my computers under MSHOME. TYSM!!! show Review details
Great software 5 stars by Wordgirly Feb 10, 2008
I had a lot of problems after installing spyware w/ losing registries including winsock. I tried to reset winsock in the command prompt, but that didn't work. I could still not get on the web. After I installed this software, it did the trick! Thank you so much for helping me! show Review details
Thank god!! 5 stars by ChrisCandlin Feb 08, 2008
I was having real problems accessing Paypal from Ebay. I had this problem for 7 weeks, I tried everything, and I could not buy a thing because "Page could not be displayed" on every link to Paypal within Ebay and even direct to Paypal from the web. This program SAVED the day!! simple and quick to use. I am all up and running on Ebay!! Thank God for the people who understand computers!! and can provide life saving programs like this. show Review details
Saved me soo much time! 5 stars by sweetness Feb 03, 2008
This program totally saved me big time.. I've got it saved on my usb drive in case I need it again. After updating and install/running adware and a reboot, I couldn't get my computer on-line again. I had a problem like this before that resulted in the 169. IP problem and then I just went out and bought a new networking card...this time a new nic card didn't help... I spent 2 hours on the phone with the Netgear peeps and even with all their help, and they did more to help me than my ISP did but it didn't fix things, they thought that the card wasn't compatible with an AMD processor... which I figured was their way of saying they couldn't help... so off to search on the net and I found this site... within 5 minutes of downloading this program to my USB drive to adding it to my desktop and restarting my computer, I was back on-line again... I'm totally thrilled with this program... Thank You sooo much! show Review details
Absolutely spot on ! 5 stars by alchemist Jan 01, 2008
I had a problem with my computer only having a broadband lease time of 1h, and it wouldn't pick up a new ip afterwards, and refused to connect to the DHCP server. Really didn't know how to fix it - I'm no computer genius... Found this program and it fixed it straight away - bloody legend ! show Review details
Excellent 5 stars by Egbert1960 Dec 16, 2007
Working perfect. show Review details
Winsock fix works 5 stars by jah357 Oct 30, 2007
I have a new Dell laptop. Could not connect wirelessly to my router because it was not able to renew IP address. Have downloaded all latest drivers - nothing worked. I then found WinSock XP. After running it, it fixed my issue. Great program. show Review details
No internet? 5 stars by Tao2005 Oct 30, 2007 (Read all my 30 reviews)
No Internet? Then you need this program. Short of having to put up with all the headaches of having to reinstall MSnetworking. This program could save you the hassle. My winsock has been hosed so many times, and each time I had this handy. Just run it, close it, and reboot. Once your computer restarts, you have internet connection. Who knows this may be just the tool for you. show Review details
Outstanding 5 stars by Raghav Oct 18, 2007
I never write reviews but am compelled to write one for the first time. This did exactly what it said on the tin. I was at my wits end having run all kinds of fixes and was just trying to find my Windows CD to do a rebuild...but all is saved now! Many thanks for a fab piece of software and helping us stay ahead in the fight against ****ware show Review details
Lifesaver 5 stars by Malinda Oct 17, 2007
THANK YOU to whoever came up with this fix. My ISP couldn't figure it out, I even bought a new PCI adapter and still the internet page would not load... UNTIL WinSock XP Fix. I've already emailed EVERYONE and told them about this great utility! show Review details
A slam dunk! 5 stars by GregD55 Oct 09, 2007
After weeks of dealing with 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage` for eBay, following endless forums, failed recommendations, you name it, I saw this and figured it was worth a try. Downloaded it and in seconds I was back up! Amazing! show Review details
Spot on 5 stars by SickyNicky Oct 08, 2007
Cracking utility - does exactly what it says on the tin. I've been in IT for 20 years and have only every seen a handful of little gems like this. If you support users, put it on your USB stick, and keep it there! show Review details
Miracle cure! 5 stars by Ronster Sep 25, 2007
I struggled with no connection for no apparent reason for two days. Verizon support said it could be a Winsock issue, but could not fix it. HP Support tried three different fixes, but nothing worked. I found this and it was fixed in three minutes! show Review details
A lifesaver! 5 stars by QuickFox Sep 23, 2007
After two days of trying to get my USB Wireless Adapter to be recognized by the Router and get on the Net, this li'l beauty saved the day. Sure worth the hunt to track it down. A+ Save this program for future use...if needed. show Review details
Worked like a charm!! 5 stars by MrMadDog Sep 21, 2007
My hacker 14 year old 'tested' a virus on his older brother PC and it whacked his network. Could not see the DHCP server could not restore, I was just about to wipe the hd after trying a couple other registry suggestions. This worked great (for the network)! Now to work on the restore... show Review details
Lifesaver 5 stars by kiwipete Sep 13, 2007
After spending several hours trying all sorts of things....had all but given up on an internet connection issue on a user's laptop. Was just about to rebuild it and came across this utility. Wasn't expecting it to work, ran it anyways....and it worked! WooHoo! Problem solved! Cheers WinSock XP're a star! show Review details
Connection hassles solved 5 stars by gtrundle Sep 12, 2007
What a relief. This simple program solved my loss of connectivity problems in a few minutes. After deleting spyware I suddenly had no internet connection and my isp could not find a reason. All the settings were correct but still could not access my server. Many hours of hassles later a friend found this program on snapfiles which seemed to be what I needed. It worked straight away. Highly recommended. show Review details
Best connectivity fix ever!! 5 stars by BobSmith Sep 05, 2007
I have been fighting for almost 2 weeks with a speed issue on my motherboard. I have 2 other computers on a LAN and they each did a with 3.2mb/s down load. This computer would not do it. I put in a new MB with more RAM I have been inside, outside and beside this machine and nothing is helping. My bud up the street remembered WinSock XP Fix and after running it I am FIXED! Thank for making it available. RSmith, Prescott, AZ show Review details
It fixed it for me! 5 stars by DeeGee Sep 03, 2007
I have a laptop and desktop networked via wireless and couldn't get an internet connection on the desktop, but could on the laptop. The network was working fine as regards sharing files between the computers. Running this software restored the desktop internet connection after several hours trying other things. show Review details
Sock it to me 5 stars by Peter_hobbit Aug 04, 2007
Seems to have some bugs but performed well non the less. After making all the usual checks of Internet and connection settings I found this program and it did the trick and got my internet connection working again. show Review details
Great piece of software 5 stars by Leighlad Jul 02, 2007
Easy to use, works like a dream - excellent! show Review details
A godsend 5 stars by vicki780214 Jun 26, 2007
I honestly wasn't expecting it to work this well, it fixed all my problems on connecting in a matter of seconds, THANK YOU! show Review details
This is the only cure for winsock errors. i t ... 5 stars by Bandhee Jun 24, 2007
This is the only cure for winsock errors. I tried a lot of different bug fixes,software, and reg cleaners, but this worked the 1st time. And it requires very little input from the user. Just click and run. Then accept the reboot. Done. show Review details
This little software saved my day. 5 stars by Clansman Jun 06, 2007
I had tried everything when I removed F-secure 2007 from my computer and it totally messed up my Internet connection. I couldn't renew my IP address or Windows said message "can't renew IP address or something".. I was on the verve of install XP again, but this little software did the trick and everything is working just fine. Thank you mysterious guy who coded this piece of software! show Review details
Excellent program 5 stars by Eonasdan Jun 04, 2007 (Read all my 8 reviews)
Excellent program, has saved me many times over. show Review details
To the point excellent software 5 stars by Hitesh May 27, 2007
This software is excellent. It is a no-nonsense program. Just 2 clicks and it was done with its job. Resolved my network problem completely. show Review details
The real deal! 5 stars by rburkins May 24, 2007
This is the real deal. My computer was messed up, ip address was coming up wrong. No internet for 2 days. Had school techs look at the system and could not figure it out. I had decided to reinstall xp pro. Found this software on line at snapfiles and in about 2 mins. I was online like new. I had no problems with any of the other software or security software. Everything runs smooth and my computer runs better than it did before it was offline. Look i'm no pro tech, but when the pro's can't figure it out ,but then you download this little program and in just doing a backup+ run the program + a reboot and your back online. I read all the reviews and now I'm doing the reviewing. If you have connection problems not related to spyware or virues this is the program for you. get it. show Review details
This exe live upto its claims 5 stars by bobbyfaith May 15, 2007
This is one of the best thing I could find on net. It live upto its claim. It says that when all means fail then try this to resolve network issues. And it did resolve the issue. Thanks for this free utility. Highly appreciable. show Review details
Excellent job ! 5 stars by Sharon313 Apr 24, 2007
This worked Great on Win Xp - I could not go online after removing some nasty spyware. I tried for 3 hours different "fixes". Finally found this program and in a few clicks it repaired it, no knowledge required, it works itself. Awesome program! Thanks. show Review details
Outstanding 5 stars by Mickey8648 Apr 17, 2007
After four hours of frustration, not being able to access the internet using the Ethernet cable (but could using wireless) and after useless talks with Charter and Belkin tech support, I found WinSock XP Fix on Google. I was web surfing ten minutes later. Amazing....Thank you. show Review details
Wow! 5 stars by eta8635 Apr 17, 2007
This is worth its weight in gold. I hope the developer gets kudos for it. After playing around with various firewall programs I found I couldn't access the internet and was getting a winsock error. After fighting with my wireless adapters and router I looked to see it there was way to fix a "dead socket" and I came across this nifty little program, I figured what do I have to lose, the next step is to format ... well ... in seconds I was up and running. VERY COOL! Thanks for your intelligence! ;) show Review details
Ping localhost 5 stars by michel1903 Apr 13, 2007
With Winsock XP fix this problem is solved. It seems to be a dns problem, nslookup works fine but ping or tracert works only with ip address and not with names ( or localhost) Many thanks. show Review details
Performed as promised. 5 stars by kerriokie Apr 07, 2007
Fixed my connectivity issue after adware removal as promised. Perfect! show Review details
Has worked for me 2/2 times-great tool 5 stars by seashell5 Apr 04, 2007
I maintain a neighbor's computer that has twice had Winsock trouble after a Microsoft update. This tool has fixed the problem both times in a matter of seconds. Thank You. show Review details
Try this before you buy technician help 5 stars by SomersetMan Mar 30, 2007
I have a Dell Dimension 3100 machine and after trying Windows xp diagnostic tool and contacting their tech support dept who were directing me to their 'buy our support' dept I found this small piece of software which was incredibly easy to use. The only prompt is to create a back up registry. After that, one click - a reboot - and the job was done! Excellent for repairing Adware removal/network connection issues. Simply excellent! show Review details
Hurrayyy! 5 stars by frankale Mar 19, 2007
10 puntos!! Wonderful product. After spending many hours trying to restore my internet connections (none of my browsers were working, not even my outlook express) , this little program saved my life in just a few seconds. That's why I have to recommend it. show Review details
Very convenient tool 5 stars by andynax Mar 13, 2007
So Great ! If you're facing the problem of any WinSock error that after your PC was infected by virus/adware... I recommend this. show Review details
Excellent tool for fixing the winsock issues 5 stars by bluenighthawk Feb 25, 2007
The bluescreen problem I tried to fix myself and which took me hours, ending up with no solution at all, WinSock XP Fix did solve my problem after a minute. Just downloading the program. Run it. Reboot you PC. Your up and running again without any errors. Great solution !!! Thanks !!! show Review details
When your router is not able set ip address 5 stars by llmiller723 Jan 25, 2007
I was having a horrible problem with one Windows XP Pro machine that the ipconfig only showed a default ip address and I could not get a correct address using several network cards and wireless cards. I had removed all networking and reinstalled to no avail. I downloaded this product and ran it and rebooted the machine and all was well. I have never experienced this condition on a XP machine even though I service hundreds of PC's every year. Thank you very much for a very good tool and the price is unbeatable. show Review details
Did not work for me. 2 stars by ianmacm Jan 19, 2007 (Read all my 174 reviews)
The plus side is that Winsock XP Fix did not cause any problems itself, but it did not solve the network connection problem that I was experiencing. It is best to set up a System Restore point before running this program. show Review details
Works great (not with firetrust benign) 5 stars by Carldf Jan 14, 2007
Great little prog, sorted my winsock issues but I did have to reinstall firetrust benign as I could no longer pick up emails, sorted after the reinstall. Very easy to use, it does need a windows restart after use so be ready for that. show Review details
Vital! 5 stars by vjacobi Dec 12, 2006 (Read all my 13 reviews)
This program is an essential part of my technician toolbox! While WinSock XP Fix is not your every-season and every-reason fix-all for every computer, it has a very valuable purpose. In most cases, this utility will work when your computer doesn't seem to be picking up a valid IP address, has lost the ability to connect to the Internet and otherwise seems to be functioning well (not running too slow, free of viruses, pop-up and other malicious evidence). You simply run it and click it in the end. PC reboots and viola! It works again. I have encountered errors while using this program before, however when a computer is messed up, it can sometimes be hard to determine the underlying cause. As far as I'm concerned, though, there is nothing else out there that's as lean and mean as WinSock XP Fix for the price! show Review details
Nice...but don't work! 2 stars by hrwasp Nov 28, 2006 (Read all my 48 reviews)
Did not work for the 5 machines I tried it on, ranging from WinXP Home/Pro, Vista! Great idea, but a pass! show Review details
Worked but hosed up my vpn 4 stars by bluescreenofdeath Oct 25, 2006
Not sure what's under the hood, but this fixed my problem after getting the registry hosed up. My VPN now doesn't work, but hoping a reinstall will resolve that issue. show Review details
Awesome! thanks!! 5 stars by darroo Oct 15, 2006 (Read all my 6 reviews)
I am an experienced software developer and in the midst of all my tweaks etc, i blew away my wireless on my laptop.. nothing worked, spent hours on it, then i tried my wired connection, and realized my winsock was somehow hooped.. a few seconds after installing this little gem.. everything was a-ok! thanks folks.. show Review details
Be aware of side effects 3 stars by tchronin Oct 13, 2006
Be aware of side effects: netsh winsock reset catalog This command resets the Winsock catalog to the default configuration. This can be useful if a malformed LSP is installed that results in loss of network connectivity. While use of this command can restore network connectivity, it should be used with care because any previously-installed LSPs will need to be re-installed. This means Antivirus software, firewalls, VPN clients etc show Review details
Excellent tool! 5 stars by Lonnie Oct 01, 2006
After cleaning up my step-sons computer that was loaded with over 200 trojans I couldn't get DHCP connections to work. IPSEC and many other services wouldn't start. Found this utility through a search and figured it was worth a try. I am extremely happy I did! After running this quick utility all of the services started working and DHCP was working again! Definitely a lifesaver! show Review details
Awesome stuff. !!!!!!!!!! 5 stars by not_in2_bars Sep 14, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
My computer was agonizingly slow to load pages. Even at startup, my default browser was painfully slow to load. Also, when logging into a site and going from the login page to the next page took forever. This problem has been irritating for some time now. I have spent many hours trying all kinds of fixes recommend at various sites, nothing seemed to work. My son turned me on to Tried several programs including regcure and spyware terminator, both of these helped, but the real difference occurred after running WinSock XP Fix. Took 10 seconds to download and about fifteen seconds to fix the problem. Easy to use, great product. Now the pages really pop. Thank you and God Bless you for a product that really works. show Review details
It saved my internet connection 5 stars by arabturk Aug 25, 2006
I was really in a very bad situation when my internet connection went down i tried everything but didnt work i even called the repair guy he couldnt know the solution until i found this amazing program it saved me and made me soooo happy so thank you very much your the best ;) show Review details
Fixed my problem completely! in 60 seconds!! 5 stars by Inamorata Aug 15, 2006
When i downloaded a new version of my Chat Client, whenever i tried to login i kept getting a Winsock 10050 and/or 10022 error message. I was told it might be my firewall, it might be a worm/virus - except for the fact that my other programs weren't acting up, and etc. And i was told diff. things to do to fix it, none of them working. But WinSock XP Fix did the trick! In only about 30 seconds my reg. was backed-up and it only took another 30 seconds for WinSock to scan my pc, do its job, and restart the computer!! After my pc restarted, i went to open my client, and everything worked PERFECTLY!!!! I LOVE this program, it was a simple, quick-fix to an annoying ass problem! lol XD xP To the person who made this, you`re my hero! show Review details
Wow!! its too good. 5 stars by rshekhar Aug 14, 2006
After upgrading to SP2 , my system had some virus. Hence used Ad-Aware to remove them. After that my Internet stopped working. ipconfig / used to hang or return with nothing, saying Win Socket failure. Tried removing re-installing TCP/IP didn't work. Finally while searching on Google found about this. Used once and re-started the system. My TCP/IP started working as before. Thank you WinSock. Its free , the Geek Squad from Best Buy was asking $98 to fix the problem. I am ready to pay for this software. A+ show Review details
Where has the author of this program gone? 5 stars by Bjoerne Aug 08, 2006
He deserves a gold medal! For two days now i have been trying to figure out why i couldn't reach some of my daily webpages. I can access some webpages but i ended up with a list with about 10 of my daily visited webpages that i could not access. I then decided to connect my wireless router between my DSL modem and my computer an try to connect wireless thru another computer. But then all of a sudden i could reach all the unreachable webpages! I then disconnected the router and connected the computer to the DSL modem and the problem was back! As a last resort i surfed in to my favourite software website Snapfiles and looked att the "weekly top 20 list" and found "WinSock XP Fix" on the 5th place. I read a little about the program and some reviews of the program and then decided "why not, i have nothing to loose before i reformat the harddrive". Made the backup of the registry and away i went! Problem solved! This program ROCKS!!! show Review details
Saves doing a windows repair! 5 stars by DoctorArt Jul 17, 2006
This one Really works. If yo get DCHP errors or "Limited" connection in windows sp this program will fix that! show Review details
Will lose hosts file 5 stars by xylophone Jul 01, 2006
I endorse all the great reviews for this wonderful little program. I too have no idea how it works, all I know is when I'm in a jam connection-wise, it restores my connection. However, be aware that in doing so it hoses your Hosts file so you have to fill it up again. I assume anyone reading this knows how to do that (I use Hostsman to update my hosts) show Review details
It's my last resort 5 stars by Ericks Jun 30, 2006 (Read all my 10 reviews)
I have used this application several times and in the mean time it's part of my top 5 software that I always have at hand. I don't know how it works or what exactly it does but whenever my connection goes corrupt or even when I notice it becoming slow and unreliable I run this program and I'm up and running again. A must have. show Review details
This software rocks! 5 stars by shulmda Jun 26, 2006
I had a Windows XP PC that had the NewDotNet Spyware installed on it. We were able to remove this HORRIBLE spyware but it completely wrecked the TCPIP connectivity and we could not get the PC to connect at all. We tried every tool we could find and tried editing the registry with no success. I was on the verge or re-installing Windows XP and erasing the hard drive before I tried this program. IT SOLVED THE ISSUE IMMEDIATELY! I can not recommend this product enough. This PC was critical to me and it would have cost me weeks of lost productivity if we had to rebuild it from scratch. THANKS! show Review details
Great 5 stars by bozlamont Jun 08, 2006
Excellent. Did exactly what I needed in fixing registry issue from AntiSpam uninstall and Exchange mailbox errors. show Review details
It saved my day. 5 stars by Naveen Jun 07, 2006
I was using Webex to share my desktop with my vendor, I am not sure if Webex caused this or what corrupted the Registry entries to give me "unable to initialize windows socket interface error code 0". And Luckily I found this exe and it fixed the problem instantly. It saved my day. show Review details
Excellent tool 5 stars by Rudyg_77 May 22, 2006
This is an excellent tool, for about a week couldnt connect to the internet because of private ip address tried everything even had to format one pc, had same problem again and used winsock xp fix and was up and running again. Great! show Review details
Fixed my registry! 4 stars by SDGilley May 19, 2006
After fighting to uninstall bad programs, I resorted to using XP's System Restore from another date to clear up my registry. That didn't result in a permanent fix. My biggest problem was outbound mail, which I depend on to work. I used different programs, double checked and recreated accounts that had always worked.... Finally I tried WinSock XP Fix, and am thrilled to have things working again. show Review details
Very good!!! 5 stars by yankeez May 13, 2006
This really gets the computers going when nothing else will. However, if you DO have a VPN, it will take all of the settings out, so just be aware of that. Other than that, it works when all of the others don't. show Review details
Internet connection fix 5 stars by BRosenthal Apr 25, 2006
What a godsend!!! Could not get my desktop back online without it. show Review details
Worked flawlessly 5 stars by Bryan1 Apr 23, 2006
I had run the netsh clear, reinstalled XP and numerous other things, nothing worked until this. show Review details
Does what it says in the product title 5 stars by Rectal Apr 21, 2006
Brillant software! My Dsl modem was getting low or no connection errors even though it was connected. Fixed it perfectly. Its Freeware, but I would be willing to pay for it! show Review details
Winsock fix ends 3 week nightmare! 5 stars by doerge Apr 17, 2006
This program is quick, easy and works perfectly. Any one whose network pings but is not recognized in Windows XP after installing WildBlue satellite needs to know about this fix. The problem started when I switched from Direcway but I sure did not want to go back there again. Thanks for your help - you're a genius. Anne Doerge show Review details
Great product 5 stars by TheGrayDog Apr 07, 2006
After other downloads failed to resolve my problem WinSock XP Fix was a simple click and within 30 seconds my connectivity was back. Great Job! show Review details
It does what it's supposed to do 5 stars by dwwwllwwwb Apr 05, 2006 (Read all my 6 reviews)
What do you expect from a Windows Socket fixer? To Fly? No, you expect it to repair your damaged WinSock as best as it can. It exactly does its job. For me, it saved my life hundreds of times (I frequently tweak tens of things in my computer and WinSocks are the first things to get hurt each time.) The interface is very simple. Why? Because, more complicated interface is not required. Also, features are enough for repairing WinSock. show Review details
Messed up my computer 1 stars by Jeetuu Feb 21, 2006
It messed up my VPN connection and wireless connection. I am all hosed up now. I am repenting using this. show Review details
Fantastic! 5 stars by michelle88 Feb 14, 2006
This program was just great, i had almost given up trying to get my internet to work i had tried so many things but when i installed this program my internet was working in under 5 minutes! show Review details
Why didn't i look here first! 4 stars by Stoneman Feb 12, 2006
After hours on Norton's help line without any joy and an hour talking to brother-in-law (Network engineer) who helped me in the right direction, I did a search, found this software and solved my problem in 10 minutes. A great big thank you to who ever created this life saving bit of software. I was on my way to a full reformat of my hard drive and this has saved me and enormous amount of time. show Review details
Winsock xp fix saves the day! 4 stars by GerMul Feb 07, 2006
A big thank you to whoever's responsible for providing this utility. It saved my day - I was pulling my hair out for a couple of hours. I'd installed and then uninstalled a VPN client and then my connectivity was shot and the settings looked okay and nothing I could do would fix it. Thanks Gerry show Review details
So easy to use and so effective 5 stars by aesthemasu Feb 02, 2006
This software rocks! I uninstall a driver on my pc which altered my registry, I cant go to any websites but i can ping them. I tried everything from flushing the dns to manually configure my dns settings nothing happened. Winsock XP Fix did it!! Super fast and really an effective way to fix the dns problem. Thanks to the maker of this software. i thought im gonna reinstall my windows xp but then again winsock xp fix everything!! show Review details
Fixed my problem 5 stars by awraynor Feb 01, 2006
My computer suddenly lost ability to connect to the internet through a wired or wireless connection. The ARP codes led me down a difficult road. A chance reference to WinSock XP Fix led me to a simple solution. A few mouse clicks and my problem was solved. Thanks WinSock XP Fix. show Review details
Awesome 5 stars by johnnyspikes Jan 25, 2006
Where do I donate for this program, simply amazing got me back on line with my IP address. Was dreading the process of figuring it out and stumbled on this program using my other computer, and I'm happy again. show Review details
It does exactly what it says on the tin... 5 stars by Royston Jan 22, 2006
I was getting the following error whenever the computer booted: TCP/IP network transport is not installed. After trying various things with no results, WinSock XP worked its magic and the problem vanished! show Review details
My troubles are over 5 stars by Patwill Jan 16, 2006
I've been getting various problems on my PC (network connectivity)due to removal some software. I cured one problem however another arose, this has been happening well before Xmas. Was just about to throw the towel in then though lets give this one try. And this cured the problem, now my PC is running much better than before. I now fell confident that most or even all computer errors can be solved without the lengthly task of re-installing. I will definitely be visiting this site again. show Review details
Fantastic software ... 5 stars by Pondejim Jan 06, 2006 (Read all my 7 reviews)
I have had connectivity problems intermittently for a week. I have had to reconfigure my network settings and reboot to get access, most times at start up. It happened when I had a problem with "AVG" and got hit with a virus. I think it was win32:Trojan_gen virusworm version 0601-1. A copy of possibly infected winsock.dll and wsock.dll are now in the virus vault, after scanning with "avast". Still had the same problem. After numerous hours stuffing around, in desperation, I did a Google search and came across this site. Downloaded WinSock XP Fix and ran it. It certainly did an excellent fix, and simple to use. It appears to have cured some other minor operational problems with XP. I thank you for such an easy fix without having to get into the nitty gritty of the puter. For someone without the required skills, like me it is great. I will save the program, just in case. Thanks again........pondejim.... show Review details
Winsock xp solved loss internet connectivity 5 stars by Rick53 Dec 25, 2005
WinSock XP fixed the Linksys Router non-connectivity I was experiencing. I could only get the internet with one of three computers. I had a tech come to my home and trouble-shoot. He determined the Linksys Router went bad. (lucky for me he didn't bring one with him). While Researching for a new Router,I came across WinSock XP in a forum at the bottom of one of the web pages. Thought I'd give it a try. I ran the WinSock XP Fix exe and after reboot, all three computers were back on the internet. The connectivity problem was solved! A Great little program. show Review details
Practically magic 4 stars by samozau Dec 19, 2005
After hours of messing around with all possible networking setting on a computer that has lost Internet connectivity I stumble on to your site download this bit of software run it and I am back on the net no problem I take my hat for whatever has written this bit of software and distribute it for free it it is now it in my permanent toolkit thank you show Review details
I can't believe they only gave it a "goo 5 stars by pcs800 Dec 04, 2005 (Read all my 222 reviews)
This software fixed every computers tcp/ip problems on a fairly large network I take care of at work. The idiot before me allowed anyone to do anything on the net so I had a lot of hosed up computers to fix. The one's that refused to connect to the new gateway were all fixed by using this software. show Review details
Excellent software 4 stars by AfsalAbdullah Nov 29, 2005
This is really an excellent software, i used to get my intranet but internet was not working, and for 2 months i adjusted browsing in other systems, when i made my mind to re install my system, i just searched for a solution and got this, i run the exe and after restart internet is working , amazing....... show Review details
Fixing internet connectivity 5 stars by MarvinG Nov 15, 2005
This is the best fix i had downloaded from the net i repaired several PC with no connectivity problem and I had a 100% fix in all. show Review details
Cannot recommend enough!! 5 stars by Blip203 Nov 06, 2005
This fixed my connectivity problem in 10 seconds flat. Superb utility. show Review details
Thank you! 5 stars by Johnnie Nov 03, 2005
I could not access the internet either via LAN or dial-up before and after a detected virus was removed. I ran the WinSock XP Fix. 5secs later and a reboot, problem fixed....Great Product, worked for me! show Review details
The only one... 5 stars by AlexRed Nov 01, 2005
Dealing with Winsock 10106 Error, no way to exit, till I found Winsock XP Fix... great work show Review details
A real lifesaver 5 stars by een724 Oct 29, 2005
Like others, I had been struggling for the last week with no connectivity on my wireless laptop and trying all different things to get connected. My desktop PC had no issues getting connected and nothing was changed with my network settings. Funny thing, I had internet connectivity just prior to downloading/installing the latest Windows XP / SP2 updates and afterwards, I could not connect. I was prepared to have to get a new Wireless Adapter Card but decided to go search the internet on my desktop PC and found this link to this web site for connectivity issues. Of course, I was hesitant about running it since I am not familiar with the Registry and all, but I am now so glad I did! Such a relieve! Thanks! show Review details
Great utility 5 stars by awk_25 Oct 28, 2005
I work for an ISP and always recommend this product to my customers. Anyone with internet should have this program on their PC - it's great show Review details
Worked for me 5 stars by dxlBoston Oct 04, 2005
I tried a number of troubleshooting tasks to resolve the `Limited or No Connectivity` problem including replacing the network card. I finally found a number of links recommending WinSockXPFix. It fixed the problem and was easy to run. show Review details
Thank you 5 stars by calcio1020 Oct 02, 2005
Thank you so much. I was desperate after my internet just randomly stopped working along with ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew i downloaded this and it worked amazingly. thanks again show Review details
Excellent program 5 stars by paul003 Sep 18, 2005
Had problem with uninstalling Zonealarm firewall. Spent 3 days trying to fix errors. Was unable to use 'system restore'. Finally took the gamble and used Winsock XP fix and rebooted. All done! Fixed! All back to normal. What a relief! Thanks for this excellent program. show Review details
Worked like a charm 5 stars by pyroken Sep 17, 2005
Spyware removal software left my winsocks stranded. This application worked like a charm. show Review details
Cool connection fix 4 stars by bindegal Sep 05, 2005
Cool internet connection fix program. I recommend all webmasters that have downloads on their websites to recommend users to get this tool before downloading something else. show Review details
Did the trick 5 stars by eek2005 Sep 04, 2005
After literally working for a week on IE uninstall/reinstall nothing worked until I used WINSOCK XP FIX thank you. show Review details
"limited or no connectivity" on 2nd comp 5 stars by JoeBoston Aug 12, 2005
Using Windows XP SP2 and got latest updates from MS. Ran Ad-Aware and cleaned up system. After all this, I could not log onto the internet or into my internal network using this computer. Tried Local Area Connection "Repair" which failed. Tried IPCONFIG/RELEASE and IPCONFIG/RENEW which failed. All set to cal my ISP when I came across WINSOCKXPFIX.EXE. With nothing to lose, ran it, rebooted....and everything is fixed! What more can I say. show Review details
A must have tool for all computer technicians 5 stars by cirilk Aug 12, 2005
This is incredible tool. I spend literally 4 hours, by trying every possible Windows trick to get working back my Internet connection. Everything failed. I got in troubles originally by installing some UNIX related software and servers. Which did some major modification within registry. Nothing help - SYSTEM RESTORE etc. This tool is absolutely outstanding! Must have. show Review details
Unbelievable 5 stars by wkcheng1 Aug 04, 2005
Winsock xp fix is one of the best utilities I used. It is a magic resolving winsock issue on xp systems in a few seconds. Microsoft provides a fix of didn't not work for all cases. Winsock xp fix works like a charm. Everyone should use it. It saves lots of time..... :) show Review details
A wonderful program 5 stars by Nickleburn Aug 04, 2005
This is one program every technician should be aware of. After trouble shooting by me and two other highly skilled technicians and 5 hours of work this program fixed the issue in minuets. I highly recommend this program! -Chris (Systems Administrator) show Review details
Worked perfectly 5 stars by danrich Jul 31, 2005
I had a problem with my daughters computer no initializing IP addresses. After fooling around, unsuccessfully, for hours I found your site. Winsock XP fix work like a charm in only a couple of second she was back online. You guys rule. Thanks. show Review details
Socket wsaenetdown fix 4 stars by tata4569 Jul 29, 2005
Thank you! I was getting an error everytime on start-up of my laptop "Create Socket WSAENETDOWN: a socket operation encountered a dead network." This product fixed the error!!! show Review details
It worked!!! 5 stars by JackThornton Jul 28, 2005
My wife's computer got goobered up after I uninstalled some unnecessary network stuff (old DSL provider s/w, old USB wireless dongle stuff, etc.) Knew it was a driver issue, but couldn't fix it no matter what I tried. This thing worked! What else can I say (other than I no longer have to sleep on the couch!!!)? show Review details
Winsockxp fixed lost internet connection 5 stars by compmech Jul 19, 2005
I repaired a laptop for a customer. i ran all the scan and removed over 700 objects but still no internet connection (although the system was able to browse the network). i ran WinSockXP and after the machine rebooted the internet connection returned show Review details
Nothing but awsome!!! 5 stars by michu2 Jun 13, 2005
Last Thursday 06-09-2005 My Fiances Computer would not get out on the internet or our home network. I worked for hours and days going to Networking forums. trying to get some help. And Finally Someone on one of the sites gave me the link to your product. and I downloaded it Burned it to Cd since i could not broadcast what so ever after i installed the program ran it and re-booted and with in minutes it was Fixed!!!! Kudos to all your Staff for this WONDERFUL FREEWARE Product.. show Review details
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