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Just perfect! 5 stars by luxoria269 May 12, 2020 (Read all my 4 reviews)
I wanted to convert a lot (hundreds!) of PSD files in different directories to JPG. This program solved this very easy, it can search and convert in sub-directories as well. If I had to do this by hand in Photoshop it would have costed me hours so this is a massive time saver! show Review details
Gets the job done 4 stars by wildgoosespeeder Jun 13, 2010 (Read all my 52 reviews)
I've been using this program for a couple of years now and it gets the job done. The only problem I have with it is every time it's done with a conversion, it pops-up with a question asking if I want to save a report of the conversion. Why? Other than that this is a good program. It does work on Windows Vista and Windows 7. show Review details
Does what it should 5 stars by gimpguy Mar 27, 2009 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Does what it should without problems, it's perfect for graphic conversion of this scale. It's definitely fast enough and haven't had errors with files like I did using other converters. show Review details
Even after 5 years... 5 stars by kathy025 Mar 27, 2009 (Read all my 17 reviews)
...without update, this quick little tool still does its job! Easy Graphic Converter lives up to its name! show Review details
This does exactly what i need it to... 5 stars by Lianaroman Apr 30, 2006
This does exactly what I need it to - I found it very useful. show Review details
Easy graphic converter 5 stars by thomnas Apr 13, 2006
I found this product to be very easy to use, but a help file or tutorial would be helpful to novice users. show Review details
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