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Great granular restore of profile items 5 stars by henerey773 May 06, 2017 (Read all my 37 reviews)
As a long-time FEBE user I would caution new users who want to use its one-click Restore-a-profile. Your FF is booted into a FF profile, and you've saved the profile using FEBE, so then FEBE can't restore to that same profile. I guess you could create a new profile, install FEBE into it, then Restore the previously saved profile into the new one. Not sure. I use MozBackup for full restores. I use FEBE to export everything and then be able to do local, no-net-needed, re-installs of extensions, plugs, marks, themes etc. Also, when it finishes a backup it creates a GREAT html page of all the stuff. Be sure to save a copy where you can easily find it. show Review details
Backs up practically everything. 4 stars by BrianAdams Nov 07, 2014 (Read all my 7 reviews)
I've been using this add on for some time now and it's my #1 favorite add on for Firefox. We all know at some point we will have to reinstall our browser this add on allows you to get it back to it's former state as quickly as possible. You can pick what you would like to back up or just backup everything. You wont be sorry you tried this. show Review details
Kind of useless 2 stars by Rodger Apr 15, 2012 (Read all my 99 reviews)
The problem is that when Firefox updates most extensions dont so you would be left with a new version of firefox with some non working extensions-so good for bookmarks and passwords but bad for extensions. show Review details
Very handy 5 stars by Starfish Aug 11, 2009
If you find yourself reinstalling a fair amount this is great!Sometimes a person forgets the exact name of a plugin they were using. BEBE even saves a copy of the plugins! show Review details
On fire 5 stars by gimpguy Sep 15, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
It doesn't get any easier to backup all your browser settings, "I exclude cookies" but that's my pref. Any way, it's one click away from backing everything up, awesome extension! show Review details
Backup those extensions and bookmarks 5 stars by Tweetson2 Apr 18, 2008 (Read all my 8 reviews)
Extreme extension and very useful tool. Backed up my extensions and bookmarks to an external harddrive and cd. Didn't lose anything when my computer crashed and had to reinstall windows. show Review details
Love it 5 stars by LyonessKim Jan 28, 2007 (Read all my 9 reviews)
This extension is a life saver. It backs up automatically. I've used it to sync my work computer and my home computer, so the internet interface is the same. I highly recommend this product. show Review details
Excellent firefox backup software! 5 stars by Athena Nov 08, 2006
I had been looking for a really simple solution to backing up my Firefox setup and extensions. It took me a while to get Firefox setup just how I wanted it, which is partially why I use Firefox in the first place. This software made backup a 2-click process, and even packed all of my extensions into one extension for easy installation later. I uploaded it to my account and always have my extensions available to me, by only installing a single extension. Great software! I recommend it to anyone and everyone! show Review details
Excellent backup software 5 stars by AS400SysPgmr Jul 20, 2006 (Read all my 4 reviews)
Thanks for making this extension available. I have used/tested several of the backup features and all worked fine. This will be my new Firefox backup utility. Great Job. show Review details
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