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Saved my life 5 stars by Melloo Dec 27, 2013
Awesome soft ! MjM Photo Recovery has saved my life. I used several softs but they all not brought any good results.The software worked fine and recovered the last 1000 photos taken. show Review details
It saved the day 5 stars by yassertariq May 10, 2012 (Read all my 90 reviews)
My friend accidentally formated the MicroSD card while fooling around with his Nokia mobile. He brought forth his predicament to me, as he considers me tech savvy (which I can assure you that I am not). The first software that I used to recover the photos was my all-time favourite, Recuva, and to my utter disappointment it failed to find even a single file, even with its deep-scan option enabled. Then read the review by 'dpqbdp' and used this REMARKABLE freeware, and presto: 268 JPG images recovered, and out of which only 16 images were corrupt. And now my friend has promised me a pack of Cohibas. show Review details
Better than the other! 5 stars by dpqbdp Jan 23, 2012 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I tried another 5 rated product. It didn't locate any files on my MicroSD Flash card. In contrast, MJM Photo Recovery spotted hundreds of files old and new, and has an extremely simple process for recovering them! It kept the EXIF data intact whilst renaming the files in a simple numeric sequence. MJM PR reads each block, and presents a thumbnail of each photo it finds. It will scan the entire memory, though you can stop it part way through. Overall, very simple, very effective! show Review details
Great for photos 5 stars by gimpguy Jul 28, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I mainly use Pandora Recovery for thorough scans and recovery of tough files and I don't praise other recoveries too much since most are rated by recently deleted photos off SD or XD cards. However, I will make an exception in this case. When it comes to recovering photos off memory storage, I typically use MjM, it's a very thorough image recovery software and truly does a great job. I have recovered 706 photos off a memory card that was written over a few times and this actually retrieved more than the expected amount. This is not the first time, it's worked for me numerous times and one of the RARE recovery tools I praise for how well it works. show Review details
Best case scenario 4 stars by Gregory Jun 24, 2011
I was trying to recover from a "corrupted" xD card. Working with xD cards at this point in time are frustrating enough. The program both recognized that there were images on the card, and of course allowed them to be saved. Best case, because a number of the photos were largely or mostly gray, but it did save some and some is better than none. show Review details
Recovered the last 726 photos 5 stars by janiskpc Apr 14, 2011
The software worked fine and recovered the last 726 photos taken; however, the ones I'm trying to retrieve are farther back by a few weeks and 300-400 hundred. I have no idea why the software just retrieved the last 726 photos and said it was 100. show Review details
Not practical 3 stars by JohnnyQ Aug 02, 2010
I took about 300 shots on a recent 2 week trip and the last day's pictures were lost due to a friend mistaking the delete button for scroll (that is another story). I had deleted about 70 shots from the earlier part of the holiday to ensure I have enough capacity for the last day. Ran the software for 9 hours and yes, it did pull out the earlier pictures I delete. But under deep scan, it covered only 4% and I can see 33 files I deleted from the earlier days. As my pictures were at the end of the trip, it would take another 90 hours or so to reach the missing pics. Sorry I can't afford the time to tie down the PC for so long. Not sure what I am doing wrong but it is just not practical. Using a card reader with a 8GB SD Type 4. show Review details
A life saver 5 stars by bushview Jun 28, 2010
I was in trouble. As is my usual habit, I had saved a batch of photos to my hard drive, then deleted them from the camera memory card. But I then accidentally lost them on the hard drive as I was transferring them to a different folder. A bit of searching on the net, and I came across this little program and downloaded a copy. Note that you will most likely need a USB card reader (about $10-$20 here in Australia) to be able to read the memory card. If you just try to read the memory card by leaving it in your camera and connecting it to the USB, the program will not be able to find the photos (unless your camera registers as a separate drive with a drive letter, and in most cases it won't). So I went out, purchased a card reader (always handy to have anyway), and within a few minutes had recovered all the photos. Thanks. A life saver. show Review details
Saved! Wow! 5 stars by lorissa Jun 20, 2010
Ok so I know this may sound trite but I do not know what I would have done with out this fix. I accidentally erased 686 pictures from my flash drive. There was no evidence of the pictures anywhere. My brother in law found this program and the minute I downloaded the software they appeared. A miracle for sure! I was hesitant to download but I had not problems! There is hope. THANKS! show Review details
Saved my sanity :) 5 stars by Alexsmomma Nov 03, 2009
I thought I'd lost the pictures from my son's first birthday party until my Uncle told me about this software. It brought back every picture that had ever been taken on that memory card! I've already recommended this to several people who have an itchy delete finger like I do :) show Review details
Cannot open device 1 stars by azrocknroll Apr 23, 2009
My SDHC card has about 5 GB of pictures on it, when my Nikon D80 first said it wasn't formatted. So the device is corrupted, probably the memory controller. Other photo recovery programs can read it (but they charge for saving the files). This program can't even open the device for reading, the same as my Windows and Nikon drivers, I guess. I guess this program has no value for corrupted devices. It may work for accidentally deleted stuff, I don't know, that wasn't my need. show Review details
Thank you! 5 stars by SnowSheep Apr 17, 2009
A wonderful piece of technology, it saved my bacon today. I had somehow wiped all the photos I took of my final day at school and the party we had to celebrate - naturally I was devastated beyond belief. BUT, I found and used MjM Photo Recovery Software, and it found them all! I cannot even begin to tell you what a relief and happiness was bought upon me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've not found a better free software for a very long time! - D. Atkin show Review details
Saved my bacon 5 stars by Trimblefan Mar 22, 2009
I have never tried to recover photos before but was desperate as I had taken some very special insect shots on my xd card. I tried 2 other downloads... This one was easy to install and use. It restored 99% of the pics, including the special ones. Highly recommended ! show Review details
Good, but with limitations 3 stars by Starduster Dec 30, 2008 (Read all my 2 reviews)
It recovered my photos from SDHC media, but did not recover the file names; it renamed the recovered files Photo 01, Photo 02, etc. It also changed the extension of movies from .mov to .jpg. There was no filter available (that I found) for the date photos were taken. The recovery of 464 photos happened with lightning speed - so fast that I didn't think the recovery had occurred. So I did it again and was asked if I wanted to overwrite the previously recovered file - 464 times with no opportunity to abort the operation without using Windows Task Manager. I appreciate the effort, but better software exists. show Review details
Easy and effective! 5 stars by craigjh Feb 29, 2008
This product worked great. I had copied some pictures for work to a file server and deleted them off the camera's SD card. For whatever reason the files disappeared off the file server. Using MjM Free Photo Recovery I was able to recover all the pictures from the SD card. (I then used a freeware program named NameExif to rename them based on the EXIF date stamp so I could easily find the photos I was looking for from other photos.) show Review details
Best freeware photo recovery for jpegs 4 stars by NeilWhite Nov 05, 2007
I accidentally deleted all the files on a 1Gb SD Card while in my camera. All the files I wanted on it were .jpg ones and it recovered around 330 out of 345 files from the disk (many of these were from previous sessions) Having tried lots of other freeware tools this one recovered more complete files than any other. I sometimes shoot RAW photos (pentax) and not sure if it will recover those yet. show Review details
Saved the day 5 stars by Gary78 Nov 01, 2007
With the default options, this software recovered hundreds of accidentally deleted photos from an SD memory card. It does the job and was very easy to use. show Review details
Seems like a great tool with one caveat 3 stars by SteveBower Jun 17, 2007 (Read all my 3 reviews)
The caveat being that it only looks for .JPG files. So, this was useless to me because I was trying to recover .RAW images that had been deleted from a Compact Flash card. But, if you're only recovering .jpg's, it seemed like a good tool. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Oct 25, 2007: Your comments have been taken on board and Beta 0.2 will indeed include a routine for specifically recovering AVI files.
Easy!!! 5 stars by RCR29RCR Mar 06, 2007
This is as easy as it gets. Very user friendly. I was able to recover pictures I thought were gone for sure. show Review details
Deep scan works great 5 stars by Dragonfly69 Jan 24, 2007
The initial scan found photos with the bottom third missing. Followed the instructions for deep scan, unlimited size and found all of the complete photos. Easy to use. show Review details
It works! 5 stars by ianmacm Dec 18, 2006 (Read all my 174 reviews)
The program recovered 62 MB worth of JPEG photos from my 512 MB SD card, including ones from several months ago that I had almost forgotten about. All of the most recent photos were recovered, but like all photo recovery software, the program will not work miracles and is best used as quickly as possible if photos have been deleted from the card accidentally. This is the best piece of photo recovery freeware that I have seen, so give this a go before trying a paid version. The only slight disadvantage is that it recovers only JPEG photos (not videos etc) but for ordinary use this is quite sufficient. show Review details
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