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Not free any longer 3 stars by vass942 Jun 28, 2020
The "free" version is so crippled, it is unusable. I used the free-really version back in 2014 and it was AWESOME. So perhaps once you pay for premium membership, maybe it will still be awesome. show Review details
Not free for long 1 stars by GodsOtherSun Nov 27, 2018 (Read all my 5 reviews)
You can download 30 minutes of a video and then you have to get a premium upgrade. Would definetly think of taking this off the freeware list. As others have noted, will keep getting popups to entoice you to upgrade to premium service. show Review details
Free but adware adware inclued not optional 1 stars by GRIM_LORD655 Oct 23, 2016
DVDVideoSoft v6.6 is pulling a shady practice to forced you to upgrade to the latest version with (adware adware included as not optional) they call it Open candy. Adwcleaner + Malwarebytes have trouble to remove the junk who reinstall at every reboot. show Review details
A good choice for free editing. 4 stars by BrianAdams Apr 30, 2015 (Read all my 7 reviews)
I was surprised how much this program could do. There is an upgrade you can buy but I haven't looked into that yet. Considering how much the free version can do the pay version may be worth a look. You do have to watch the install carefully as it will try to include other programs from the same maker. show Review details
Great tool for everything! 5 stars by chaoskid19690 Mar 31, 2015
At first I downloaded it just for the YouTube to MP3 converter, but then I've found it that it also has a huge amount of other usefull apps, for example the Skype recorder, or other converters like the video to JPG converter. If you have DVDVideoSoft Free Studio, you don't need any other tools! show Review details
Very good 4 stars by beertjewit564 Mar 30, 2015
I use it for some years and still happy with it. I tryed others but they are never that good. I use to use most youtube downloader and convertor. Also mp3 is easy to take from the clips. show Review details
Great tool for everything 5 stars by marina.lester366 Dec 10, 2014
At first I downloaded this app to get several converters. But I've found that it also has a very useful Skype recorder which I use to record online lessons. The only problem is advertising during the installation. But if deselect the boxes everything works fine. Excellent. show Review details
Do not like 2014 interface 1 stars by mymonaro2003370 Nov 25, 2014 (Read all my 8 reviews)
I have not used this program since last year. Had the need to this week. I downloaded the 2014 update. Very disappointed with the startup interface; several of the utilities that used to be in the program are missing. As a result I have uninstalled the program. show Review details
Nice program but really bad interface 2 stars by FaaB64 Oct 05, 2011
Was looking for a free DVD converter when I came across this one, the interface is one of the worst one I have ever seen. It has many interesting features, but gave up after 10 minutes use. show Review details
Fast and efficient 5 stars by gimpguy Sep 24, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I was skeptical on this one, while it hosts many features, the interface (albeit decent looking) was more like a spyware type program and even though I trust Snapfiles, I avoided this in the past. Currently, I decided to finally give it a shot. I was actually very surprised with how fast and precise the conversions are. It also had more conversions that I thought it would along with decent CD and DVD burning capability. It asked for me to install some toolbar (not Ask) but a different one, I clicked no and haven't seen anything from it since. So far this has been a wonderful piece of software and while I like Format Factory (still a fav) I am keeping this one as well, each have their good and bad but with both, I am completely covered. In all honesty, DVDvideoSoft has produced far better conversion than Format Factory which really surprised me. Video was far more clear and looks great when transferred to my Ipod touch, the other I had quality issues with the same video conversion as well as sound. That said, I think DVDVSFS is definitely one of the best All-In-One converters I've tried. As long as they keep the quality going, this will be a top notch converter for a long time to come. show Review details
One of the best dvd programs ever! 5 stars by Scott38p Aug 11, 2011
I never write reviews but this DVD Studio program is AWESOME!! You can download directly from Youtube and just about any where else. Save videos and Music Videos from anywhere online. Burn movies from links on line ect ect ect and I know that's not even HALF of what it does. It also converts files too! And for all those "Click Happy" People who just install by clicking did not read the installation messaging ASKING if you wanted to install certain tool bars. That is totally optional! show Review details
Excellent converter, easy and versatile 5 stars by SeSorrow Apr 10, 2011 (Read all my 29 reviews)
This program has the most comprehensive set of tools for a freeware conversion application that I have seen. Pretty much, if you want to convert it, this one has the means to do it. The functions are separated into different modules that are tied to the make screen. When you click on your desired function, it brings up the required module while keeping the main interface up. This makes it a bit easier on resources. Additionally, each module has the ability to update individually so you don't have to download the whole suite over again, and each module will be kept updated without having to wait for the whole suite to be updated. The only down side for me is that the burning function is limited to a set number of hours of burn. show Review details
Downside is the toolbar 4 stars by acoustic Mar 24, 2011
The software works great but the downside is the toolbar..I've found any software that wants to keep trying to install something you don't want over and over again...is a sure sign to keep away from it. show Review details
Wants to install the toolbar after every dvd 2 stars by philmorley Feb 15, 2011
Chose no to install toolbar and reset my homepage and search engine etc but after every dvd it pops back up (with a timer so cant just close) and wants to install it and reset your browser. no thanks uninstalled and trying one of the others. show Review details
Excellent 5 stars by Braulio Nov 12, 2010 (Read all my 7 reviews)
Hey, this program works perfect. I needed a program for video to mp3 conversion. Interface is very easy. 3 clicks and voila! If you want to support this great product,install the toolbar. In any case dont be afraid, it is harmless. show Review details
Excellent product 5 stars by CharlieCorder Mar 14, 2010 (Read all my 4 reviews)
This is a very user-friendly program. After a very simple download and install, this program has worked perfectly in downloading 2 videos from You Tube. Kudos to the person or people who wrote this and has given it to us FREE ! A big Thank You ! Charlie Corder show Review details
Nice 4 stars by pcs800 Aug 14, 2009 (Read all my 222 reviews)
Been using these tools for a while now whenever I come across a small job I need to do like download a youtube vid or extract an mp3, etc. Not the most comprehensive tools on the market but definitely worth having for freebies. show Review details
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