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You need a google account and to use 1 stars by Bigdummys Aug 23, 2023 (Read all my 12 reviews)
Easier to go to a website then install this and then go to google and get an api to even use the software. show Review details
Excellent weather information 5 stars by damiencross2011220 Jan 16, 2015
I have had Earth Alerts for a very long time. I have enjoyed the program since it is accurate in nature. However, I have a friend that his fiancee is in the Philippines, and gets her weather reports from television. I have had some disputes with my friend about the information I have received from this program, but I love it because the information provided, is factual. I will have this program in my computer until I pass away. show Review details
Wasn't what i expected 5 stars by gimpguy Sep 11, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I was expecting some ad-ridden application with a bunch of pop ups and what not. What I got instead was an awesome weather center right on my desktop, viewing globally everything that was going on. Right as I'm typing this, I got a pop up stating two volcanoes were active and hurricane Michael was catagory 1. You can view your own location, add locations, view earthquake and other weather happenings. It has numerous options like pictures, radar, etc... so don't expect desktop weather, that's not what this is. This is a global, in depth weather and other natural happenings alert that goes far beyond desktop weather. Awesome application! show Review details
Installed just prior to Japan earthquake 5 stars by freesoftks May 06, 2011 (Read all my 4 reviews)
I have always had local weather applications run in my systray. I got tired of what I already knew, and wanted to see what is not reported on the news. When the big one hit Japan, and tsunami warnings issued for the Pacific basin, EarthAlerts carried all of these alerts. You can set the program to monitor what happens in any area of your interest, not exclusive to the US. I have found the application a great addition to monitoring more than just severe weather. Fire weather dangers, seismic activity that never makes the news, volcanic activity, landslides, hurricanes, cyclones, etc. I have found the programmer to be friendly and responds to e-mails, and he appreciates the feedback. If you are looking for more than the normal weather application, this 5 star application introduces you to more of the global activities not making the news. With EarthAlerts, I was aware that Honshu and most of Japan had experienced a record number of aftershocks 24 hours before it became headlines. show Review details
Interesting software 5 stars by syslinks Nov 21, 2010
Useful and interesting program. Check it out. show Review details
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