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Powerful product - tricky initial setup 4 stars by GJWConsultant Mar 08, 2008 (Read all my 7 reviews)
I first used this application in 2005. Three years on and I was asked by a client to recommend a blog authoring tool. Unfortunately, the documentation is still inadequate on the initial configuration of the publication paths. In the end you just use trial and error combined with an ftp client running to work out what the paths should be. Also, if you enter wrong paths or an incorrect FTP password the cancel button just seems to hang the application and not close gracefully. However, that said, Thingamablog is worth the uphill battle to initially get the publication settings right. show Review details
Highly configurable and great for dialup 5 stars by miskairal May 26, 2007 (Read all my 29 reviews)
Yes it's a little tricky to get the base url and path right but other than that it is easy to use. I was able to totally change the look with the css and html editing and have it joined up with a jalbum which has provided a great combo for my needs on my dialup. In fact I have found this far easier to alter the look of than online bloggers I have tried. show Review details
A great blog editor 4 stars by dhuser7 Mar 13, 2007 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Thingamablog is a great blog maker for your website. The one best thing is that is does not require users to have PHP or MySQL installed on the site. It outputs all posts and content in HTML. Also, RSS feeds are exported. The only annoyances are that: setting up an account w/ FTP is a bit of a pain for new users, and the uploading can get slow (rarely). Overall a great program and blogging tool. show Review details
First a blogger then a newsreader 3 stars by Atagong Sep 20, 2006 (Read all my 7 reviews)
More and more Java programs make it into Windows and Thingamablog is one of those. It is a program to edit blog-entries without having to subscribe to a blog server first, creating html blog pages, category pages, archive pages and all the interconnecting links. A build-in ftp uploader publishes the (changed) files. At the same time RSS-feeds are generated as well and 'pings' can be send automatically to different search engines. Describing this soft as a newsreader utility certainly is an understatement. To create a professional looking blog you'll need to edit the html and css templates, so html and css knowledge is a must. The WYSIWYG-editor is rather sloppy, but one can use the html-text-tag editor instead. There is no (easy) way to preview your blog before publishing but this will probably change in the new version promised for end 2006, beginning 2007. show Review details
Thingamablog or wordpress 5 stars by gtatler Apr 19, 2006
So what are the pros and cons of these two blog programs ? Thingamablog - simple, straightforward - easy to use - even has a good spell-checker - additional user defined template tags - original program, templates and entries kept on local machine - one-button upload to web site (including graphics). WordPress - far more extensible with plugins - update directly on-line - but no spell-checker ! Verdict ? It all depends on your requirements. show Review details
Let the blogging begin! 4 stars by hrwasp Nov 29, 2005 (Read all my 48 reviews)
I would have to say, this is a very nice little program. I have never Blogged before and now I am a blogging techie! The initial setup is a little tricky, but after that, it is EASY to use and very functional! I applaud the creators!!! show Review details
Not great but trying hard 4 stars by Ketlan Jul 23, 2005 (Read all my 5 reviews)
Once you're through working out how to set this up, it works beautifully and neatly. One of the clear drawbacks is having to install Java first but if you can tolerate that, this is a worthy piece of blogging software. I've no idea why it's in this section - the RSS thing is rarely used by anybody, as far as I can see. The worst drawback with the blogging section is that it doesn't allow for comments to be made - other than that, it's good, neat, adaptable and (oh joy) doesn't require all that messing around with MySQL that so many other bits of blog software require. Good stuff. show Review details
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